How to Make Money from Blogging in 2020: 10 Proven Ways to Monetize a Blog

How to Make Money from Blogging in 2020: 10 Proven Ways to Monetize a Blog

How to make Money from Blogging for a Living:

While the world is gradually going digital, most individuals now want to be associated with the title, “blogger.” This is because, blogging is seen as one of the most lucrative online businesses in our world today.

Have you started your blog yet? I bet you are in dire need of finances, aren’t you? Well, you’re not alone, as so many bloggers today are striving so hard to make it to the top. This is why I have come up with this article, to help you learn the secrets of making money blogging.

Most individuals are making huge income yearly while blogging and trust me, no one wants to be left out. Don’t feel frustrated when you haven’t made your first $1. I made mine first $600 in one year which is less than what some bloggers make in a month, nothing good comes that easy.

Blogging takes time and energy, and if you’re truly in for it, you’re surely going to get it’s rewards. Click To Tweet

Unless you have a better source of income, or probably “don’t like money,” you need to know how to make money even while you blog.

And who says you cannot make money from your blog, as a side hustle? You can still do that. If you so wish to have a blog but don’t have the time or energy, you can simply hire freelancers from Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and a host of so many other freelancing platforms, to help you carry out some tasks.

It is one thing however, to note that blogging takes time,  and in order to get the full rewards, you ought to be consistent and serious with your game.

Now, you need to know that Blogging is not a competition Click To Tweet. You are trying to make a living here and somebody else’s success (or failure at that) is utterly irrelevant.

How to make Money from Blogging for a Living

Can you really make money blogging:

HECK YES! Many people around the world maximize their income this way or even make a full-time income blogging for a living with their blogs. Some bloggers even make seven figures per year!

Before you start making money as a beginner, it may be quite difficult at first because you haven’t generated enough traffic in your blog. This is why you have to be consistent, real and be willing to grow.

It is so ironical to note that you should not focus on money, even while blogging Click To Tweet. Making money is always a gradual process and if you focus on money, you will become too desperate. This in turn, will divert your passion and make you dish content below quality.

How do you start a profitable blog from scratch

How do you start a profitable blog?

A profitable blog starts with a solid foundation, by that i mean the best web hosting. Check out my 12000 words free guide with pictures, examples and bullet points to start a blog and also how to start any niche idea you have in mind.

blogging as a beginner, your focus should be directed on few basic needs:

  1. Setting up the right niche: You need to set up a niche for your blog to gain visibility because no one would love to work with a “generalist.”  While looking for a niche, do well to look for a profitable one too, so that you can have the hope of making money from it in future.
  2. Build your skills and expertise: While blogging as a beginner, you need to first build yourself and gain experience. Focus on your skills, correct mistakes and grow gradually. Be consistent in creating your content. Ensure that you’re giving out value and your blog niche stays true to it’s name.
  3. Learn how to write articles, to enable you create content or your blog. Any wrong move you make, will take you backwards. Be careful and wise. You don’t need the rush.
  4. Generate traffic: For you to start making money, you need traffic on your site; your well crafted content does the work.
  5. Build up your email list: You should know the rule of thumb, so growing your email list is one way to scale up, as a beginner. Create pop ups which would make visitors leave their information for you.

People love good things, don’t they? When you create valuable content on your blog, you will be able to generate enough traffic with time.

In addition, you can use various social media platforms, to create awareness for your blog. A good knowledge of SEO too, will be a big boost, to help you scale up with time. You can generate traffic organically through these means.

These are the basic things you need to focus, as a beginner. This strategy is just to help you generate enough traffic, before launching your net.

10 proven ways to monetize and make money from your blog

10 proven ways to monetize and make money from your blog:

  1. Sponsored Blog Content / Sell Ad Space
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Advertisements
  4. Sell Online Courses
  5. Coaching/Consulting
  6. Selling Your Products
  7. Writing (and Selling) eBooks
  8. Business Collaborators
  9. Podcast Sponsorships
  10. Freelancing

Now you’ve generated enough traffic for your blog, what’s the next step?

Make money!

But how can you make money from your blog?

Here are proven ways make money blogging in no particular:

1. Advertisements:

monetize and make money from your blog Advertising

With your blog, you can run multiple adverts for different companies. By doing such, you will be paid. Advert on blogs can come in so many methods. Some of these include:

Pay per click (PPC)/ Cost per click (CPC): Here, you run various ads on your site and get paid when visitors click on them e.g Google adsense, Mediavine, Monumetric,, Outbrain etc.. The advertiser pays for each click made by a visitor. Sometimes this can be annoying and frustrating. Running too many ads on your site may likely chase your visitors away, as it becomes spammy and causes distractions. So keep it simple and clean.

GOOD POINT: However, if you’re in for monetizing your blog, you should at least run ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google adwords, Native ads) but in moderate amount. But a good SEO driven website is far the best as you get organic traffic from search engine.

2. Sponsored Blog Content / Sell Ad Space:

Aside running ads on your blog, you can as well, create spaces for adverts, where company owners can display their products and services.

With this, you are renting a space for them in your blog. You can only do this, when you have a great number of visitors to your blog.

Paid reviews: With a lot of traffic on your blog, you can actually monetize it by making reviews on certain products or services on your blog. In doing so, the producer pays for such reviews.

Other methods of making money through adverts placed on your website include: pop ups, link ads, etc. These methods are set up to allow other companies sell their products or services on your blogging platform.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

monetize and make money from your blog affiliate

Affiliate marketing in its simplest term, is the process of helping other establishments sell their products or services. While doing this, you get a commission for every sale made.

Many bloggers use this method to make money for their blogs. After generating enough traffic, most readers may want to check out the affiliated products you sell on your blog.

Before doing this, you must have a special link, which contains a tracking code. You can however, go with a coupon code. This will help track the sale and inform the producer that it came from your blog. In turn, you get paid an agreed commission.

GOOD POINT: Before starting out on affiliate marketing, you should know the products you’re selling on your blog. If it doesn’t generate sales, you should move over to a better one.

And remember that it is not your main motive, so don’t divert the attention of your readers. Your blog is not a marketplace unless it is for the niche type you dive into.

To start out on affiliate marketing, there are various platforms you can use. Some of them include:

Commission junction

If you want to know more, this article has tons of affiliate marketing tips for beginners.

4. Coaching/Consulting:

As a blogger, you can also make money by running coaching sessions. You can do this both online and offline. Holding coaching and consulting sessions are great ways to boost your visibility and grow your brand.

You can act as a guest on other blogs, have sessions, interviews and webinars to help boost your visibility and generate traffic to your blog.

5. Selling your products:

Being a blogger won’t stop you from creating your own products and services. You too, can create products and sell them on your blog, or any other platform.

6. Writing (and Selling) eBooks:

You can create books, ebooks or even audiobooks on blogging, or your niche, sell them to startups or anyone who might be in dire need of it. This way, you can make your money while blogging.

Asides creating ebooks maybe using Gumroad, you can also host masterclasses and workshops, to spread your knowledge and get paid while doing so.

7. Sell Online Courses:

monetize and make money from your blog selling courses online

Do you have a skill you can teach others? Do your audience look to you for your expertise in a particular area?

Creating an online course can be as easy as teaching your blog readers how to do something meaningful based on your own skills, experiences and successes.

Major online course platforms like Udemy, teachable and CreativeLive all feature a wide variety of courses that range in length from 30 minutes up to 30 hours or more—with the longer courses naturally commanding higher prices because they’re often significantly more in-depth.

For instance, say you’re killing it on Instagram or pinterest, and your readers want to know how you do it. You can put together a course that teaches them step-by-step how to be an Instagram pro / pinterest pro.

Again, focus on keeping it simple for your first online course.

As you get more courses out to your audience, you’ll fine tune your steps and learn how to perfect this way to make money blogging over time.

8. Business Collaborators:

monetize and make money from your blog business partnership

Business Collaborators could be liken as “Affiliate” partnership like we’ve already covered above.

However, it could also mean… like working closely with companies to market their products on your website. Partner

Partnering with another blogger from your niche, but not limited to create a product together and market it to each other’s audience

The goal here is to find other companies or individuals that align with your audience, your goals, and most importantly—your plans for how you want to make money blogging.

9. Podcast Sponsorship:

make money blogging is to launch a podcast

A lot of bloggers this days infuse the idea of diversifying their reach and earnings and they start their own podcast…

“One of the most fun ways to make money blogging is to launch a podcast and bring in sponsors.”

For beginners, when you’re just getting started you probably won’t be able to get good sponsorship rates because your show likely won’t immediately have thousands of listeners tuning in to hear what the show’s all about.

However, if you’ve already done a good job of creating content and attracting regular readers to your blog—you can launch your podcast with a hit by promoting it massively to your existing readers.

While starting out, you can start by taking your existing blog posts, turning them into show topics and starting to regularly post them as podcast episodes that talk through all of the most popular content from your blog (and share previews of what you’re working on right now).

Once you’ve got a podcast with some regular listener-ship—then you can add podcasting to your media kit and start charging sponsors for podcast ad placements.

10. Freelancing:

Freelancing is certainly a good option when you’re still in the process of deciding how to make money blogging.

Starting out as a freelancer can help you build the revenue you'd need to monetize your blog in many other ways. Click To Tweet

if you’re a skilled writer, then perhaps you could start freelancing on the side to share your content writing expertise with clients who are willing to pay.

Especially if you’ve already grown your own blog to a respectable level and can demonstrate to clients that your content attracts & engages readers.

Now, becoming a freelance writer could be your shot at helping other brands, startups and bloggers to do the same thing. That’s exactly where freelancing comes in to play. It doesn’t need to just be writing though.

Now, who can make money blogging? Anyone! Click To Tweet

These simple (not as easy they seem though) steps will help you achieve your aim as a blogger. It is one thing to note that success takes time and with patience, you can make more than you will ever think of.
These steps may take months, years to achieve: some a month or two, some three. Whichever way, your money is certain.

Bloggers too can make money!

Check all our posts on blogging to help you start out the right way.  Remember to like, share and invite your friends.

Got any questions? Let us know now.

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