5 Amazing Niche to Start A Relationship Blog

5 Amazing Niche to Start A Relationship Blog

Why you should Start a Relationship Blog

Do you have an experience, tip, or story to share about your relationship life?

Are you so passionate about seeing lovers meet and have blissful relationships?

How about your family members, co-workers, friends? Do you love to see people come together and have happy unions?

Well, it’s time you learned how to start a relationship blog.

Ever wondered why so many relationships fail and parties involved become devastated? People constantly seek advice on how to handle certain relationship issues in their lives and families. So many individuals roam the internet in search of answers to their unending problems, as regards to their social life.

If you have insightful stories and tips to share with the public, then you should start your relationship blog. Click To Tweet

You don’t have to keep giving advice to each person you meet. You can also save yourself the stress of going in search of people with relationship problems.

Start a relationship blog and get connected to your desired audience. You will have the opportunity to give amazing tips to millions of individuals around the world, with just a single click.

Easy right? Yes, it’s as easy as that.

The world is changing rapidly and individuals are constantly looking for diverse kinds of relationship advice — of course, problems arise every day. You can be the go-to person for all things “relationship.”

Starting your own blog on relationship matters will give you the opportunity to share your stories and help those who have similar (or probably different) issues.

You may not necessarily become a relationship expert before starting one. Of course, you have a story that can help certain individuals — share it! Your blog could be based on personal experiences or educational background. As long as it has the solutions to the problems your audience constantly seek.

Your story may be a happy or sad one. This could be a driving force to making sure that your audience avoids all the mistakes you made or enjoy whatever benefit you achieved in the course of your relationship life.

Isn’t it fun sharing beautiful stories with the world and helping those in certain situations? Definitely, it is!

Moreover, you can get connected to a greater audience and be known for a particular aspect in the relationship world. You can as well, monetize your relationship blog — even while having fun!

Now, do you really want to start your relationship blog?

Great! This guide was specially made for you. Follow all processes accordingly and get wonderful results.

Don’t forget to take notes . . .

How to Set-up Your Beautiful Relationship Blog 2020

How to Set-up Your Beautiful Relationship Blog

  1. Find your relationship niche
  2. Set up your blogging platform
  3. Know about relationships
  4. Build your brand
  5. Create evergreen content
  6. Generate traffic
  7. Monetize your relationship blog

So many persons think it’s difficult to start and build a blog. Well, truth is, it is a lot easier than you think. The only part most persons are afraid of is setting up the blog, creating content, traffic generation, and ways to monetize.

These take time to achieve but without consistent and positive efforts, you will build a profitable relationship blog. Click To Tweet

This is why I have carefully written this explicit guide on relationship blogging. Calm your fears!

It may not be easy at first — nothing good comes that easy. Just keep pushing and doing what’s good. You will enjoy the full benefits with time

So, shall we take a look at some of the steps to starting and growing a profitable relationship blog?

Let’s go!

  1. Find Your Relationship Niche

Whether you’re talking to parents, workers, students, or lovers, you should know how to position yourself to attract the right audience. You cannot be the jack of all trade.

Find a relationship niche and create content around it. It could be one or a collection of several relationship topics.

It should not be too broad, that you end up having so many topics to cover. You will end up getting confused. It should not also be too narrow, for example, Relationship at 30. You will soon run out of ideas and get frustrated.

Before starting check out these three factors:

  • Passion/interest/skill — starting a relationship blog is not something everybody must do. If you’re not passionate about it, then you may want to back off and seek what you truly love. It should be something you’re interested in.

You should also have the necessary skills needed to run your blog. Your passion defines your “why.” If you haven’t discovered this, you will soon get tired and flop — because you were not interested in the first place.

  • Market demand — you wouldn’t want to go through the stress of creating content and have no one read it, would you? Fine. Check out what your audience is saying about your content. If it’s something they need, then you should go into it, otherwise, you may want to look for something else.
No matter how beautiful your content may look, it won’t be needed if it doesn’t solve a problem. Click To Tweet
  • Competition — no doubt, there are already thousands of relationship bloggers out there, and starting as a beginner, will take you off the limelight. This is normal; you will grow with time.

Check out your competitors are doing and look for ways to get better. If you’re going for a very competitive niche, it may take more time for you to get seen and heard.

There are so many niches in relationship blogging. These niches will help you stay focused and true to your message. You can either start and stay with one or choose related topics and blog about them.

5 Niche Ideas to start a Relationship Blog

  • Romantic relationships — these days, individuals seek various dating tips, to help boost their romantic relationships. So many persons seek advice on how to find and sustain their love life. You can start with this, as a relationship blogger. It could be for single men or women, etc.
  • Family — in the family, problems may arise with time. Do you have helpful information to help a dad and his daughter find peace? Well then, that’s your niche. Find ways to build solid relationships among family members.
  • Friendship — you can as well, start a blog on how friends can work effectively to produce great results. Give out tips pals can do, to help build their relationships.
  • Community relationships — this deals with the relationship among members of society. Giving out tips and strategies on this will help boost community development.
  • Business relationship — this is the relationship at diverse places of work. It could be between employer and employee, co-workers, etc. It helps strengthen bonds and increase efficiency.

Other niches may include teens, marriage, government, organizations, etc. Find out what works best for you and dominate.

Now let’s get your blog started already!

5 Niche Ideas to start a Relationship Blog 2020

  1. Set up Your Blogging Platform

To start your relationship blog and become successful, you will need a space online, where you can reach a greater audience and share your stories.

You can’t accomplish this using social media platforms alone. You will need your own space where you’re free to make policies and controls at your pace.

You can do this through a blog. Setting up your blog has now been made easier and you can achieve that without much stress.

You may not even necessarily need to services of a web developer or programmer. You don’t need to be coding for experts. You can do it yourself!

Yes! You can start and run your own blog, without stress. You have everything you need, in this guide. Follow keenly.

Here’s where you do the techy stuff. But don’t worry, it can be done in less than an hour! Here are a few terms you need to know:

  • Web hosting — wouldn’t you love your blog to have a position, somewhere in cyberspace? Your hosting service does this. When you upgrade, you “rent” space online and your blog lives there. For most blogs, Bluehost seems to be the best hosting service. So, you might want to try it out.
For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost
  • Domain name — your audience will love to know you and your name should be the first thing that springs up in their minds. What do you think of, when you hear the name, “Bloggerlifeline”? Blogging right? Good! Choose a perfect domain name for your blog and a domain extension too. Make sure it is easy to remember. If you’re stuck here, try to use a blog name generator. You can get a lot of domain name ideas there.
  • WordPress — WordPress covers one-third of the online world. The good news, when you use Bluehost, WordPress is automatically installed for you. You also have access to thousands of themes for your relationship blog. You can also check out essential plugins, to add functionality to your blog.

Setting up a blog is not that difficult. If you’re still confused with these terms, check out my well-detailed guide on how to start a blog. Read on and get your blog started!

  1. Know About Relationships

You wouldn’t want to share what you don’t know, would you? While blogging about relationships, you will need to have knowledge of your area of expertise. This will help you give proven tips that will make your audience see you as an expert in your field.

You must also note that individuals vary and your strategies may not work for everyone. Don’t worry about that. Just make sure more of your audience get positive changes. Click To Tweet

Knowing this, you need to learn more and keep asking questions. Look out for problems and seek possible solutions. Sometimes, organize a poll and know what your audience thinks about certain related matters.

In all, you should never be seen as an amateur. Be a boss in your field and show it to your audience.

  1. Build Your Brand

As you grow and generate more traffic to your blog, you will get seen and heard. This is why you need a solid brand to make you an expert and the go-to person for all things “relationship.”

Your brand starts with your name (domain name). If it’s not catchy, it won’t project your true brand message. Here are some qualities your name must posses

  • Must be eye-catching and memorable
  • It shouldn’t be too long
  • Use keywords related to your brand (and niche)
  • Avoid using difficult words
  • Make it short, simple, and direct

If you ever get stuck, be sure to use a blog name generator. You can get keyword ideas there.

Also, you need to be unique. There are so many relationship bloggers out there. If you’re not unique, you won’t be seen and heard. You won’t be able to stand out in the crowd and no one will regard you because . . . nothing’s different!

You should be able to tell your audience that you have something better to give out. Make your content top-notch and give out the best strategies. This will make you known, liked, and trusted.

So, what’s your plan for building a sustainable brand?

  1. Create Evergreen Content

One major factor that aids the growth of your blog is attractive, compelling, and engaging content. When your audience visits your blog, they wouldn’t want to find it empty.

You will need to constantly update your fees to bring something fresh and new for your audience. You need to fees them and make them always come back, asking for more.

If your content cannot do this, then you need to go back and re-strategize. You can always hire a content strategist, to help you organize your relationship blog. This will save you some stress, while you’re trying to handle other pressing issues.

For you to be able to generate enough traffic to your blog, you will need to attract your audience with valuable content. Click To Tweet

For a relationship blog, your content can come in various forms:

  • Texts — you could write about various relationship tips and articles, explaining certain facts. It’s all about writing!
  • Pictures — using beautiful pictures, you can pass a lot of messages. Post pictures of either yourself or anything related to relationship issues. It could also be in the form of quotes.
  • Videos — your videos should be attractive and beautiful. If background music is used, it should be strong and intense. Do everything possible to gain the full attention of your audience.
  • Audios — you can organize interviews, or start podcasts. Your audience listens and gets your message.

Your content should be intentional and straight to the point. You don’t have to make it too formal. Play around it and connect with your audience.

Don’t rush it. Take your time to come up with the best content. Don’t make seven absurd posts a week, when you can make one valuable post. It’s not about the quantity, but quality.

Also, don’t worry yourself over perfection. Just do your best. You will get better with time.

Try as much as possible to organize your blog for better reading. If your posts are mot planned, you will lose your audience. Be organized and start working on your blog!

  1. Generate Traffic

One thing is to create valuable content and another thing is to make it seen. You can’t spend all your efforts creating content and have no one to read it.

It’s saddening.

The only way to make visitors have access to your blog is to invest in traffic generation. Generating traffic to your blog will make more eyes see what you do and benefit from your knowledge.

So, how can you generate enough traffic to your blog?

There are so many ways to generate traffic. However, here are a few of them:

  • SEO Practices — use SEO practices to boost and optimize your blog to rank high on search engines. Do keyword research and find out what your audience needs. Your content should be about them, not you. When visitors make similar searches, your content pops up — because it has been properly optimized. Want to learn about content optimization? Check out these best SEO practices.
  • Social media — due to the influx of numerous blogs on the internet, it may be quite difficult to easily achieve your goal with SEO; the competition is very wide. You will need another alternative — social media platforms. Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to share your stories, you are leading them to your blog and as well, generating traffic. You don’t have to be on all social media platforms. Just choose the one you can comfortably manage. If possible, hire a social media manager, to help optimize your social media platforms.

Other ways include guest posting, email lists, organizing various events, joining groups, etc. Find out what works best for you.

  1. Monetize Your Relationship Blog

It’s okay to blog for fun and never expect anything In return, but if you’re intentional about what you do and wish to make a living out of it, then you need to consider monetization options.

It’s true that you won’t start making money immediately. You will have to be consistent and put more effort. Your hard work will surely pay off, someday.

While blogging, do not always think about making money. You will lose focus. Rather seek the best ways to make your blog accessible and visible to a lot of individuals. Seek ways to upgrade and bring out quality content.

When it’s time to make money, you will know.

Here are various ways to monetize your relationship blog:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Digital products
  • Google AdSense
  • Coaching and consulting sessions
  • Paid seminars and webinars
  • Guest posting

There are so many other ways you can earn as a blogger. Check out how to make money blogging.

You’re just one step to becoming a true relationship blogger!

What’s next?

Now you’ve completed this wonderful guide, don’t stop. Take action now. Get your relationship blog live and create exclusive content. Seek ways to make your blog engaging, attractive, and compelling.

It will definitely take time, but you have to keep doing your best. You will get the rewards soon!

So, subscibe to more post updates now and share it with your friends. Let them know how to start their relationship blogs. Someone might just be in need of it!

Do you have any questions or contributions? Hit me up! I will be here to explain everything.

So, what are your plans?

I will be waiting to hear them.

See you at the top!

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