5 Best Health Blogger Niche Ideas to Start a Health Blog

5 Best Health Blogger Niche Ideas to Start a Health Blog

Why you should start “health blogging.”

Health they say, is wealth and considering the rate at which humans fall ill, it is very vital that you should start up your health blog, enlightening the public and bringing certain details closer to them.

Everyone needs knowledge about health and it is certain that doctors and other health practitioners can’t do all the work. So who gets to pass these information to the wider public? Bloggers!

Note: doctors can still become bloggers, if they have the time and necessary requirements Click To Tweet.

The world is information-starved, as regards to the health sector, and more health bloggers are needed to pass very important information to the hungry public.

So many diseases need to be explained; certain medications and health tips need to be exposed to the public. This will simply help everyone stay informed and prevent certain mishaps.

So, have you started your health blog already? Oh, you don’t need to be scared.

Health blogging though, comes with its toils (of course, the road to success isn’t that easy), but it is a very important niche in our world today and without you, the health blogger, so many mishaps would arise, with no one to save the day. Hospitals will eventually become flooded and the doctors will get overwhelmed.

Now you know why you should start your health blog. Are you still confused? You don’t need to, because I have carefully written down this detailed piece to help you start your health blog, write your first explicit article, generate massive audience and what’s more? Make money! Doing what you love.

Yes, you can earn as a health blogger. There are so many opportunities for you in this niche.

Do you wish to start already?

Now pick up your notepad, bookmark this page and let’s go!

start blogging about healthy living

Who should blog about health?

Health, being one of the most delicate aspects of life, must be taken very serious. Very few persons are permitted to go into such a niche to pass information.

But who should be a health blogger?

Anyone! Yes, anyone can blog about health, wellness and fitness Click To Tweet. It is not confined to the doctors or health practitioners alone. You too, can become a health blogger.

You may likely ask: “Do I need a degree?”

No, you don’t need a degree to blog about health and wellness issues.

However, considering the nature of the health niche, it is very vital and pertinent that you have very sound information around the health industry.

So many individuals, today, claim to be health bloggers but they give out misleading information and tips which tend to cause more harm than good.

For you to become an exceptional health blogger, there are golden steps you must follow.

Health Blog topics you can use to create a Niche.

Before you start typing or creating the first content for your blog, you must have one important information — sub-niche.

The health industry is amazingly broad and you cannot generalize it. You can’t talk about cancer, exercise, feeding habits, medical terms, and so on, all at once!

You will end up having so many topics to talk about, and as well, distracting yourself and audience as well. Every of your information will not have solid details because you are just hovering over so many unrelated topics. You won’t be known for anything and everyone one will see you as the “ordinary blogger.”

The health niche is so broad that I can’t simply list them all out here; it will take us a thousand years to read through!

However, I have come up with very simple methods which you can use to easily craft a sub-niche in the health industry, and gain expertise and experience there. These major areas cover virtually everything related to the health world. Pick one and make and explicit research, to find out what works best for you.

They are categorized into the following:

  • Management and treatment of diseases
  • Facts about certain diseases or conditions
  • Dietary tips
  • Drugs and medication advices
  • Lifestyle and fitness tips

Health Blog topics you can use to create a Niche

  1. Management and treatment of diseases

There are so many illnesses and poor health conditions such as, HIV/AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, obesity, malaria, etc., in the society. As a health blogger in this niche, you can simply blog about how to treat or cure these diseases.

Some of them which cannot be cured, may be managed, so you can create content on how to manage them.

When you blog in this category, you must note that just one method will not work for everyone; of course, individuals vary and what works for Mr. A, may not work for Mrs. B.

Learn how to use certain disclaimers to let your audience know your intended purpose.

  1. Facts about certain diseases or conditions

So many persons in the world today, are ignorant of certain diseases. As a result, mishaps can happen and some cases which should have been prevented may arise and become worse.

As a health blogger in this niche, you are saddled with the task of making researches about certain conditions and creating content on facts about them.

For instance, if you want to create content on cancer, you have to expose its origin, mode of transmission, causes, effects, types (if any), and probably methods of treating or perhaps, managing them.

With these, your audience are enlightened and prevention can be practiced with ease, while following your proven strategies. Knowing this, you need to be a great researcher, so as to always come up with top-notch facts which will not only enlighten your audience, but will also help them live healthy lives.

  1. Dietary tips

In this aspect, you are simply giving out vital tips related to feeding habits. Anything in line with food, and how it affects the functioning of the body, is carefully treated.

You can be a dietician, weight loss blogger, food blogger, and so on. All of these are under this sub-niche.

Being a health blogger in this aspect, you have to give out the following:

  • Healthy and unhealthy feeding habits.
  • Certain foods for different individuals: old, young, pregnant women, athletes, convalescent, sick, etc.
  • Foods for different purposes.
  • Classes and benefits of certain foods, as well as dangers too.
  1. Drugs and medication advice

Being a health blogger in this niche, you must know how certain drugs work.

While blogging, you create content around various drugs — traditional and modern — and how they affect the health, prevent, cure or manage a condition.

You also give advice on how to use these drugs, complications for over usage and under usage, and benefits of using them. You must have very sound knowledge on various diseases and their cures, to avoid misleading your audience.

It is also pertinent to note that it is always a case of different strokes for different folks, so don’t fret when a method works for a certain individual, and fails for another; just keep giving value and making more researches.

  1. Lifestyle and fitness tips

This too, is a very wide niche in the health industry. Being a health blogger here, you may not necessarily give out advice on drugs, facts about certain conditions or ways to treat them.

In this category, you’re more committed to preventing diseases and poor health conditions.

You can also give dietary advice too, as it will help in keeping your audience fit and healthy. Also, starting a fitness blog, will go a long way, in making you an expert in this niche.

Your blog may contain tips on exercise, meditation, useful gadgets for fitness, personal hygiene, and social, emotional, spiritual and financial stability.

They are all set out to help your audience live healthy lives, free from illnesses.

These however are the major categories. Others may include blogging about animal and plant health. You just have to choose one and be consistent.

Now you have successfully known the various major aspects in the health industry,

Have you found your sub-niche?

Don’t be sad if you haven’t yet, it takes time. Just sit back and think deeply about it, and before you know it those ideas will hit you massively! Don’t rush it. Health blogging is a gradual process. You will get to the top soon!

Knowing just your niche in the health is not enough; you still need to learn how to start, manage, generate traffic and monetize your blog.

All of these will be treated in this post. Grab your pen and keep reading.

How to start a Healthy Living blog 2020

How to start a Healthy Living blog

It is no longer news, to note that starting any project, may not look easy. Of course, blogging about health issues is not left out.

However, these proven strategies will help you gain the basic knowledge you need to start and grow into something big.

Here are steps you should follow:

  1. Launch your blogging platform
  2. Set up a goals
  3. Work on your niche
  4. Make detailed researches
  5. Create content
  6. Organize health programs
  7. Connect with fellow bloggers
  8. Generate enough traffic
  9. Monetize your health blog


  1. Launch your blogging platform

If you’re becoming intentional about starting up your health blog, you need a platform, where all your content will be displayed for public viewing.

It has to be your platform — somewhere you dominate.

This is why I have carefully created a detailed post on how to start your blog.

There, you will gain the necessary and basic tips on the technical aspects of blogging.

While doing that, look for a suitable name that would fit your blog, and be easy to remember. You wouldn’t want your be remembered for: jerry-the-fitness-therapist-who-loves-french-fries (if only that ever exists . . .)

Choose something that is related to your blog, keep it simple, unique, brand-able and short.

Always remember: your name is part of your health brand — the most important.

  1. Set up a goal

Why should you come up with a health blog without a plan? Doing that, you are no different from a man on a an unknown journey, without a map!

While health-blogging, you should have goals and strategic plans on how your blog should run. It shouldn’t just be in your head; it has to be documented.

Create a to-do list and spell out everything needed for your blog: expenses, content calendars, guest blogging, events, webinars, courses, generating traffic, handling emails, and so much more.

Starting up a health blog, comes with a lot of heavy tasks and as such, you need to be organized, in order to be successful.

Your goal or plan could be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly — depending on your schedule.

Setting up goals will help you stay in line and know what to do next. You will also be able to count your losses and successes.

Do this, before creating your first content and continue as you keep blogging. Renew plans and update goals. Keep up with the trends and don’t be an outdated blogger!

  1. Work on your niche

Under blogging in the health niche, I have carefully listed out the major categories you can start with, in the health world; of course, you should note that the health world is so broad and it is very  important that you craft a sub-niche for your blog.

Having a sub-niche is one thing, having deep knowledge is another.

How will you feel if you are not able to answer questions asked by your audience? I suppose you will practically get overwhelmed!

To avoid this, you need to know about what you’re blogging about. You may not necessarily need a degree to start a health blog in your desired niche; however, you need to have detailed information from renowned sources to be able to stay and dominate your niche.

  1. Make detailed researches

Just like staying and having deep knowledge about your niche, you, being a health blogger, should never relent on making useful researches related to both your niche, blogging and the world at large.

Would you want to be an outdated blogger? I guess not. Then, you need to start reading those health books, going through documentaries, asking relevant questions and attending classes (or taking relevant courses).

You shouldn’t joke with the health industry. It’s very delicate, as it deals with the human body. Any mistake you make, will create a very bad image for your brand. Strive hard to get positive reviews for every tip you put out there.

You will one day, be glad you did.

Whatever research you make, have accurate evidences to back it up. Try as much as possible to avoid being too confident on a particular method — individuals vary. Always give them a backup plan or second option if the first fails.

You can always tell them to contact their local doctor if the condition persists, or give an alternative method. Don’t argue with them.

  1. Create content

Obviously, your blog won’t mean anything without content. Content is food for your blog and it is what will make or mar it. If you truly want a successful and profitable health blog, you have the invest deeply in quality content which should be engaging and compelling.

Whether you’re using writes, audios, videos or graphics, every content should portray an excellent image which has an ultimate goal — save lives.

If your content is not able to fulfill its purpose, you will not make it as a health blogger.

One major form of content in every blog, is writing. This is where most health bloggers fail.

To get the basic tips on how to create content for your blog, read up my article: how to write blog posts.

As a blogger and writer, you should know how to use certain words to pass information to your audience.

In as much as you are in the health field, you should not load your articles with medical-related jargons. Your audience are unknown to you, and as such, you need to use words that are familiar to them.

If however, you still choose to use certain terms, be sure to explain the meaning, so as to carry them along.

If you may be too busy or not able to create content yourself, you can as well hire a health writer, who will assist you and help you grow your health blog.

  1. Organize health programs

One way to build your health blog, is to carry your audience along and guide them through certain processes. Writing articles alone —except you’re just starting out — may not give everything you need.

While growing, you can as well, host webinars, interviews, health talks or any other program — online or offline — to connect better with your audience.

In line with this, you can also collaborate with great and small health organizations, for public enlightenment on a certain problem (and probably its solution).

In doing this, you are creating awareness and making your health blog known to the wider public.

You must be intentional about giving value, no matter the situation. Do not be in a haste to make money, as it will lead to “half-baked” information.

  1. Connect with fellow bloggers

Sometimes, your method may not be the best. There are bloggers, who are just like you (or probably higher). You need to connect with them and gain the experience you need.

Certain mistakes can be avoided and ideas on how to improve, grow, discard certain methods and build reputable health blogs, can be shared.

It is best be be open to suggestions and corrections. Learn from those who have been there and grow with them. It will make your job a lot easier.

  1. Generate enough traffic

Starting up a health blog is not something you should do for just family and friends; you need to go global!

For you to effectively reach out to a wider audience, you should endeavor create a strategy for traffic generation. Generating traffic will boost your health blog and make you well known. It will also help you monetize faster.

There are so many way to generate traffic for your blog and one major strategy is through SEO. Check out my post on SEO tips, to learn the basics of optimizing your blog for both search engines and visitors.

Owning to the fact that SEO may seem rather difficult for some bloggers, you might as well use a second means, through the media (social media).

You can share your blog posts on various social media platforms and gain followers.

It is however, important to note that generating traffic for a blog is a gradual process and as such, you need to just be patient and keep giving value.

  1. Monetize your health blog

One major aim of most bloggers is to make money. That is why I have carefully structured a post for you, on how to make money blogging.

You should note that this too, takes time but the reward is massive.

As a health blogger, you can simply do the following to monetize your blog:

  • Create digital products such as eBooks on health-related matters.
  • Create paid courses or webinars on specific health problems.
  • Create physical health products.
  • Affiliate with various health organizations
  • Offer coaching and consulting sessions

There are so much more ways you monetize your blog. You just have to start and consistently give value. Very soon, you will be known.

Starting up a health blog can be pretty challenging. You have the task of constantly checking new methods, outdated tips, facing harsh criticisms from your audience, negative feedback, and so on.

These however, are part of the journey. They help build up your experience and expertise. You should note one basic fact, just keep moving and doing what’s right Click To Tweet. Very soon, you will get there!

I am very sure you enjoyed this article.

Don’t forget to like and share. I would love to hear your sincere thoughts and opinions. If you got any question, don’t fail to hit me up. I will be so glad you leave a reply.

Cheers to the success on your health blog!

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