5 Best Profitable Mom Niche Ideas to Start a Mom Blog

5 Best Profitable Mom Niche Ideas to Start a Mom Blog

Why you should start a Mom Blog

Are you a stay-at-home mom and wish to start up something?

Truth be told, staying all alone (or with your baby) at home, can sometimes be boring.

Hey! You don’t have to worry anymore!

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, or you’re quitting your 9–5 job, life can still be fun-filled.

Yes! So, instead of hanging around all day and looking for what to do as a mom, you can start a mom blog!

No! Blogging is not as stressful as you think. It’s fun!

So, why shouldn’t you share your wonderful experiences with other mothers (parents) out there? You probably have insightful stories of childbirth, cooking tips, wonderful lifestyles, and amazing adventures, and these stories are worth sharing.

Don’t wait any longer. Start a mom blog today and keep yourself busy while having fun!

When you start your mom blog, you will definitely reach a global audience and so many will love to learn from you Click To Tweet

Not only that, but you will also be well known. Also, you will have the opportunity to make your own money!

So, are you still in doubt?

I’d rather not.

This guide will help you with everything you need to set up your mom blog, create attractive content, generate enough traffic, and make money. You don’t need to be worried, Bloggerlifeline got you covered.

Now you know how to locate your niche, take a look at some of the mom blog niches you can start with.

Mom Blog niches Ideas to create a blog around

Mom Blog niches Ideas to create a blog around

  • Pregnancy and birth: Share your wonderful stories when you had your first child, how you experienced labor and everything around that period. Your audience can get some useful insights and it will help expectant mothers become prepared and fully aware of what they will go through.
  • Baby care tips: You could also blog about how to care for babies, feed them, and guide them throughout their growth process. You can as well, start a baby blog, helping other moms know more about their babies.
  • Marriage and parenting: Your mom blog could go as far as helping other couples run a wonderful home. Give out parenting and marriage advice, and how to cater to children. You can start out with this!
  • Food tips: Who doesn’t love food? Whether it’s chicken soup for dinner, or bread with jam for breakfast, you can plan amazing recipes for families! Yes, you can. Show up what you’re making and teach it to your audience. It’s a great way to start your mom blog.
  • Budgeting and personal finance: Being a mom blogger, won’t stop you from calculating family spending. How much do you spend on shopping? What is your family budget for the year, month, or week? Giving tips like “how to make a family grocery budget,” and a whole lot more.

You can share these with your audience, to help them plan their families well.

There are so many other niches you can start, as a mom blogger. Some of them include traveling expenditures, DIY and crafting, beauty, education, self-employment, etc.

You can pick out one or more and write on them. However, you need to be specific. You should be known for a particular role as a mom blogger. This will give you your specific audience, and make you a “boss” in your field.

Already gotten your niche?

Now it’s time to set up that blog!


How to Start a Profitable Mom Blog

Starting a mom blog is one thing you should have in mind and you need to be carefully guided, to achieve maximum benefits. Blogging comes with numerous ups and downs. If you can hold on till the end, you will make it big!

Here are the steps you need, to start up your mom niche blog. Go through each step carefully, and watch your blog grow amazingly!

Steps to starting your mom blog:

  • Find your niche
  • Set up your blogging platform
  • Build your brand
  • Create attractive content
  • Generate enough traffic
  • Monetize your blog


  1. Find Your Niche

As a mom blogger, you have a lot on your head already!

So many ideas jumble up and scream at you, with the same strength of urgency. You feel like sharing everything at a time and you can’t seem to focus on any.

Are you in this category?

Do not worry. It’s not a deficiency. You’re a beginner and such things do happen. But you can solve it!

Yes! You can solve it by locating your desired niche and working on it. You don’t have to blog about everything that comes your way. You don’t have to write about every experience or story you have.

Your niche works and helps you stay focused and build a profitable mom brand. Click To Tweet

So, how can you locate your niche?

There are so many ways to carve out a profitable niche for your mom niche blog, but here are three major strategies you can use before starting:

  • Your Passion
One factor that will make you stay in line with your blog message, is your passion Click To Tweet

When you create a blog niche around your passion, you will definitely (and almost) have what to give out, anytime. You won’t be stranded.

Your passion is what you love doing. It’s what you do easily, without much stress — as opposed to other areas.

So, what are you passionate about?

Start a blog around it!

  • Relevance

Why should you start your mom niche blog on a topic that is not useful? It’s okay to be passionate about something, but if it doesn’t solve any problem, then it’s not needed.

No matter how beautiful your idea may be, you will be wasting your time if no one needs it.

Look for what people want. Look out for their problems and major concerns.

Make researches and find out what moms want.

You can make use of Google-related searches, Answerthepublic, Reddit, or Quora.

  • Monetizing

It’s not bad if you want your mom niche blog to be solely for fun, but if you’re seeking a source of income, you need a niche that can be monetized.

Find out diverse ways to monetize boost your blog.

  1. Set Up Your Blogging Platform

Now your discovered your niche, you don’t have to relent. You’re becoming an amazing mom blogger!

So what’s next?

Set up your blogging platform.

Your blogging platform is your online space, where you share all your experiences and wonderful stories. You can’t keep all the ideas you have in your head, can you? Impossible!

It is good to make use of Instagram, Pinterest, or any other platform but these are all rented platforms. What happens when they change policies and you’re not able to follow them? You lose all your efforts and energy. So pathetic!

This is why you need a space, where you dominate and have full rights over your wonderful content — only your mom niche blog can do that.

How do you set up your blogging platform?

It’s easy! You don’t need to worry about coding or any other verbose process.

Even a “tech dummy” can start a blog without hiring a web designer or developer.


For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost


There are, however, basic things you need to know.

  • Web hosting: this is where your blog lives. Find a hosting service, get a plan, and upgrade your blog.
  • Domain name: isn’t this fun? Finding a suitable name for your blog is one big problem for most mom bloggers because they are left with a plethora of ideas. You can seek the help of a friend or use a blog name generator.
  • Plugins: Plugins are wonderful features you can add to spice up your blog quality. Install the ones suitable for your blog and make it go live!

Now you’ve known these, don’t stop yet. Start planning on building that wonderful blog. Confused? Don’t worry, I got you covered. I have carefully explained every techy aspect of blogging. In the post, you will learn everything need to know about using my starting up a blog guide

So, why wait? Let’s get your blog started!

  1. Build Your Brand

Mom bloggers are branded! If you want to be known for what you do, build a profitable brand around your blog.

Your brand is your outward image. It is what your audience thinks, whenever your name is mentioned Click To Tweet

So, what image do you want to portray for your mom blog?

Your branding starts with your name. If you choose the wrong name, your brand will be affected, no matter how valuable your content may be.

How do you choose a good Mom blog name

How do you choose a good Mom blog name?

  • It must be simple
  • It has to be short, but meaningful
  • It should portray your brand message
  • Avoid ambiguous words
  • It should be easy to understand and remember
  • Use attractive and eye-catching words.

Your name will speak even when you are absent.

Aside from names, your brand should be unique. There are so many other mom bloggers and if you choose to “follow,” you will be lost in the crowd.

Do not copy! Try out new things and work on your own strategies. Be original and unique. This will help out stand out in the crowd Click To Tweet

Find out what your competitors are doing and strive to do better.

  1. Create attractive content

One of the most important activity your you should work on is the creation of content. This is where most mom bloggers fail and lose the authenticity of their blogs.

Whether you’re giving out baby, cooking, parenting, or budgeting tips, your content should be able to solve a problem.

Your content can either

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Entertain and so on.

Your major goal is to help your audience find lasting solutions to their numerous problems.

As a mom blogger, you should be able to write your articles in an easy-to-read format. You don’t have to be too professional or strict with your writings. You don’t need to sound too formal. Make it lively and fun-filled.

While using words, be sure to avoid ambiguous words that can chase your audience away. Make it simple and easy to understand. If you wish to add little terms, do well to explain them. Mom bloggers are friendly, not aggressive.

Also, you can use pictures to create content for your mom niche blog. While writing, pictures too can be added to spice up your content. Use eye-catching images and avoid blurry ones.

Your blog should speak class and quality.

If your content cannot do this, then you should do more research, or hire a content creator to help you out.

Do not be in a haste to create content. Just take it slowly and try to come out with the best. It may not be perfect at first, nut with time, you will get better.

Just be consistent.

  1. Generate enough traffic

Why should you take time to create content, take pictures, make researches, and perform every other blogging activity, just to show it to a few persons?

You cannot spend time doing these, without having the mindset of reaching a global audience. Also, if you wish to make money from your blog, I guess you shouldn’t ignore this part.

As a mom blogger, you should invest highly in generating traffic to your blog. With enough traffic, you will be well known and be able to influence a lot of individuals out there.

Your wonderful tips will reach so many persons and this will help to boost your visibility.

How to Start a Profitable Mom Blog 2020

How can you generate enough traffic to your mom niche blog?

Generating traffic comes in various ways; however, I will list out a few of them.

  • Join various groups: As a mom blogger, you need to join communities where people like you thrive. Joining groups and organizations will help keep you updated. There, you can connect with fellow bloggers, share ideas, and seek better ways to grow. These groups can also help to keep you accountable.
  • Organize events: you can as well, host events and various interviews on your blog. This will attract a lot of audiences, seeing that you have mastered your art.
  • Learn SEO: SEO practices are now part of the major strategies used to boost blogs. Your mom niche blog is not left out! Learn how to use specific keywords for your blog, to boost its visibility online. Check out my posts on SEO tips. You will learn the basic knowledge of SEO.
  • Social media: If you’re not on any social media platform, your blog has the least chance of survival. You need to be part of various social media platforms, in order to boost your blog’s visibility. Share your posts on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on. This will also help to generate your desired audience.
  • Guest posting: one other method of boosting your brand is through guest posting. Write for other blogs and show what you do. If the audience is attracted to you, they will follow you.

You just have to give out your best.

There are so many other ways to generate traffic to your mom niche blog. These, however, will help you get started!

  1. Monetize your blog

The major goal of most mom bloggers is to make money while having fun. Yes, you need to be rewarded for all the efforts you have put in.

Blogging sometimes can come with great stress and worries. If you can ignore these and strive toward making it, then your mom blog will just become another successful one!

There are so many ways to monetize your mom blog — if you’re consistent.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Google AdSense advertising
  • Creating digital products
  • Coaching and consultation

You can read up the full post on how to make money blogging. It will guide you through everything you need to know about making money, as a blogger (now mom blogger).

Now your super-duper mom niche blog is set! Are you excited? Great! Do well to follow every process and watch your blog grow crazily!

Don’t forget to subscribe and share this post. I will appreciate that. Also, invite your friends too!

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