How to Start a Profitable Fitness Blog: 5 Best Tips to Guide You

How to Start a Profitable Fitness Blog: 5 Best Tips to Guide You

Why you should go into fitness blogging?

Considering the rapid changes in the body structure of various individuals, the human body has undergone so many different forms. You should know why Mr A looks skinny, and Mrs B looks rather plus size.

Don’t you think it would be necessary to start up something in order to solve these problems? Oh yes, you can!

This is where Bloggerlifeline comes in.

You can’t blog about everything because you would have to niche down. That’s why I have happily created a content on the fitness blogging niche. So, fitness bloggers are not left out!

In this post, you will learn the step-by-step procedures on how to start up your fitness blog, generate traffic and monetize it.

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How to Start a Profitable Fitness Blog mens fitness

What is Fitness blogging?

You probably must have heard a lot about the fitness world, and how broad it is; it may seem so confusing to start a blog about one.

But you need not worry as these easy-to-do tips will help you with everything you need to know before and after setting up your blog.

Fitness blogging simply deals with health, wellness, wholeness, capability, strength, vigor, being attractive;

what more?

It just has to do with the human physique, healthy living, building your physical, social and emotional life, and a whole lot.

With respect to that, ALL your content must be related to those issues. It’s either you’re solving a problem, or you’re giving a prevention. It’s part of the Health Blogging niche.

One thing you must note while blogging in the fitness niche is that, you have to be cautious; the human body is very delicate and you wouldn’t want to cause more harm than good, with your ‘failed’ strategies. Wouldn’t that be a turn off for a lot of visitors? (Ugh!)

Let’s see how you can uniquely set up your fitness niche blog.

How to Choose the Right Professional Fitness Image personal trainer athleta athleisure

Before starting out, you should have one ultimate plan: create an image.

Creating an image (or brand) is one thing every fitness blogger should look out for, like being an Influence Fitness blogger, fitness model on Instagram or other social media platforms, personal trainer e.t.c all these can easily get you paid real fast when put in work. You should be known for a particular aspect.

There are however, two points to note while creating your image:

Being a general fitness blogger: The world of fitness is very broad and so many bloggers have used such opportunity to create diverse content for their blogs.

If you’re trying to generalize, it is possible to just blog about everything fitness! You’re not limited to any particular aspect and you’re free to create content on any topic of your choice (as long as it is related to the fitness niche).

Being a “generalist” can seem a bit easy and better, because you have a lot of topics to write on, giving you a wide range of audience. However, it may not be advisable if you really want to be known as an expert in a particular niche.

Having a sub-niche: Instead of blogging about everything, you might as well, try to niche down a bit and look for something more specific.

Carving out a niche may seem stressful, considering the fact that you have to be consistent and stay in line with your message. You may likely have the problem of searching for topics to write on, since you’re being specific.

This however, may not be a problem, as there are so many platforms where you can get ideas for your fitness blog.

When you have a niche, you are seen as an expert and you probably will gather the right audience for your blog.

Also, having a niche will help eliminate unnecessary competition because you’re solely in a particular field.

How to Choose the right Fitness blog niche to start

There are so many sub-niches to blog about, in the fitness niche; however, they are classified under three major categories:

Nutrition: In being fit, nutrition can never be taken away from the equation. If you wish to create content around this category, you are simply giving nutritional tips which will help your audience start up healthy feeding habits.

It is however, not so surprising that you can still have more sub-niches under this category.

Whether you’re blogging about food, weight loss, explicit recipes and mindful eating, herbs, etc., all your content should be able to prevent or solve a problem concerning the nutritional life of your audience.

Lifestyle: In this category, you’re simply helping your audience adopt a healthy lifestyle. Your blog can be motivational (or inspirational), instructional, or any other way you can help boost the emotions and life of your audience, to best keep fit.

While blogging, you can give out sleeping tips, ways to meditate, social stability strategies, beauty, self care, wellness tips and a whole lot more.

It is a milder category in the fitness niche because it helps reduce stress and calms the mind.

Workouts: This is where physical activities come in. You, as a fitness blogger in this category, give out training advices, fitness gadgets, simple to complex workouts for men, women, old, young, athletes, pregnant mothers, etc.

Various exercise sessions and methods can be created for easy access by your audience.

This category may help in weight loss, decreasing stress, increasing muscle tones and preventing or solving every other fitness issue (which may have to do with physical fitness).

Now that you have known (and probably chosen) your category, you are one step close to creating that successful fitness blog.

We will now look at how you can easily create your own blog in the fitness niche, generate enough traffic and lastly, monetize it!

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How to start creating your own best fitness blog

How to start creating your own fitness blog

Running a blog, especially in the fitness niche, can be a very hectic one. Truth be told, it is never easy; coupled with the fact that you may lack the necessary information on how to start one.

And sometimes, you may still feel overwhelmed with blogging after getting these tips.

However, there’s always light at the end of every tunnel! With consistency and determination, your fitness blog will be just as great as it should be.

Here are proven strategies to help you start and eventually grow as a fitness blogger:

  1. Launch your blogging platform
  2. Choose your niche
  3. Have a strategy
  4. Create content
  5. Organize training programs
  6. Connect with fellow bloggers
  7. Generate traffic
  8. Monetize your blog

Let’s go!

  1. Launch your blogging platform

It is one thing to have a strategy and another, to act on it. As a blogger, you need a platform to put out your content.

I have written an explicit article on how to start a blog, read up and get every basic technical details you need in order to set up your platform.


For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost


In addition to that, you need to choose a name that suits your blog and its purpose. It should be easy to remember and simple.

Make your platform easy to access both on mobile and desktop. More details are given in the article on how to start a blog

  1. Choose your niche

It is not just enough to launch your platform and start giving out anything that comes to mind.

You are in the fitness world and as such, you should be able to create content that relate to it.

Just as treated earlier, you can still choose to create content, generally on everything related to the fitness niche.

However, you may still want to locate your niche and build it. You can still go back to the categories listed earlier and pick a sub-niche that would be easy for you to access and dominate.

  1. Have a strategy

While blogging, you will only be successful if you devise healthy strategies and plans to help your blog grow.

Every successful blogger has a goal! Are you one? Yes you are. Don’t just blog about “anything,” even if it lies in your niche. Have a goal and strategy for creating content. This will help your audience keep track of your activities.

Without a plan, your content will look scattered and confusing. You probably may not be consistent because you are just doing it “anyhow.”

While creating your goals, have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans for your blog. You can choose to have special days or weeks (as case may be).

This will help a lot in making sure your audience are carried along and are not lost in any way.

  1. Create content

Being a blogger in the wellness world, comes with a lot of stress and tedious tasks, with the most predominant: content creation.

One basic tip you should know as a fitness blogger is how to easily create content that can be useful to your audience, without creating a bad image of your brand.

A guide on how to write blog posts, has been created to help you craft compelling and engaging content for your blog.

In addition, you also need to create a content calendar and schedule, that will match your plans. Do not overload your self.

You can simply take out time to uniquely create your content for better public consumption.One compelling post a week, is better than seven absurd content Click To Tweet.

Don’t strive to be perfect. While creating your content, just put out your best and publish (let your best be good enough, at least).

You don’t need to rush it. If eventually you may not be able to accomplish all tasks at once, you can easily hire freelance writers from Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc., to help you create content for your blog.

If you’re having problems with content ideas, there are so many methods such as asking the audience, keyword research, market trends and a whole lot more. These will help you stay in line and consistently create compelling and engaging content for your blog.

Start a Profitable Fitness Blog

  1. Organize training programs

As a fitness blogger, writing won’t do all the work for you. You can as well, host “mini” fitness program (either offline or online).

If you have special days or weeks, it may be an added advantage. Exercise programs, workout stations, wellness boot camps, webinars and other major gatherings can be used to boost your blog.

Your audience need to actually see how these things work and if you keep creating content without having live sessions with them, you may lose the bond.

These programs are basically set up to help connect better with your audience and generate traffic.

In addition to that, you can also collaborate with various organizations in the fitness industry, to host events and boost visibility.

  1. Connect with fellow bloggers

No man they say, is an island. As a blogger, you still need to connect with fellow bloggers (in and outside your niche).

This is to help you keep up with the trends, to avoid going obsolete. So many changes take place daily and if you’re misinformed, your blog may just be another outdated one.

While connecting with bloggers, you might as well, join various organizations which could help you with the latest trends and happenings in the fitness industry. In doing so, you may meet other influencers in your niche, who may likely help your “baby” blog.

  1. Generate traffic

Unless you’re creating a personal blog for yourself (and probably friends), you need to put a lot of effort in generating traffic.

A successful blog, is one that has enough traffic that converts Click To Tweet

One important means of generating traffic to your blog, is through SEO. Read up my article on SEO tips. You will learn the basics steps in optimizing your site for search engines.

Sometimes, SEO can be very difficult, considering the fact that it’s very broad and not so easy to rank very high with all the top competitors in your niche.

You can however, promote your blog using other platforms (social media). This way, you can generate enough traffic (organically) to your blog.

Email lists too, is a great way to have your own space and gather your specific audience Click To Tweet.

  1. Monetize your blog

Whether you’re a general fitness blogger, or you wish to niche down, you still have to make money from your blog!

In as much as blogging comes with a lot of tedious works, the benefits are numerous. You stand a chance to be seen as a fitness expert, you gain visibility, experience and not forgetting, make money!

There are so many ways to monetize your fitness blog. It is however, important to note that it doesn’t come in a fickle. Work and energy has to be put in place before success is achieved.

It may take a couple of years (one, two, three…), but you will still gain maximum benefits if you follow every process accordingly.

Create compelling and engaging content to attract visitors to your blog, create physical or digital products (you can also affiliate). You can also host personal training and coaching sessions too.

Read up my post on how to monetize your blog.

A big congrats to you, fitness blogger! You have successfully completed the necessary steps to starting that great blog. Don’t sit back. I hope you took notes.

Start your blog, create content consistently, generate traffic and monetize! Click To Tweet

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Got any questions or additions, the comments section is open for you. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Cheers!

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