Travel Blogging: 7 Best Beginner Tips to Help You Succeed As a Travel Blogger

Travel Blogging: 7 Best Beginner Tips to Help You Succeed As a Travel Blogger

Travel Blogging: 7 best tips to help you succeed as a travel blogger.

In the blogging world, travelers are not left out from having their own travel blog. While some travel for fun, others do so with the intention of sharing experiences, learning, exploring, connecting with diverse cultural and religious groups around the world and not forgetting: how to make money traveling!

It it no longer news that some people who travel, do so to earn a living. Travel bloggers around the world are making huge income yearly, by going from place to place, taking notes of their experiences and putting them down for public viewing.

Travel blogging is not secluded to a particular set of individuals; you too can become a travel blogger and earn from it! Click To Tweet

Do you love travelling?

Do you want to become a travel blogger and make money?

Are you interested in moving around the world and enjoying fascinating sights?

Well, you are fit to become a travel blogger.



Travel blogging is as simple as taking notes and writing explicit articles about your activities and experiences as a traveler. It covers the places you visit, amazing sights, fascinating experiences and so much more.

It is simply the art of putting down your experiences and sharing actions and sights you have come across as a traveler.

Becoming a travel blogger

While travel blogging may seem easy, there are few things you need to know before starting out.

First things first, you need to have prior knowledge on how to start a blog. Click To TweetYou will learn the technicalities and easy steps to set up your platform, where all your amazing stories and works will be shared for public viewing.



After setting your blog, here are few tips to help you start out as a travel blogger:

  1. You must love travelling
  2. Take notes
  3. Choose a niche
  4. Learn how to write
  5. Meet other travel bloggers
  6. Observe country laws and pass rights
  7. Earn a living

A. You must love travelling: Who wouldn’t love to be happy with work? For you to make it as a travel blogger, you must always travel and have physical experiences with sights around the world.You can either choose to travel outside a country (explore different countries), or within a country (exploring cities and villages around you). Your trips must be well calculated and you must have monthly or yearly plans on areas you will visit in future.

B. Take notes: You wouldn’t want to spend all day outside, only to come back home with no result, would you? I bet you wouldn’t. You may not be able to remember all that will happen in course of your journey.In addition, you may be so stressed out once you get back and may not have that energy to take notes or recall past activities and experiences.

This is why you need to consistently take notes and record your experiences during the day (or night as case may be). Notes, records, and vital researches can be taken using some tools: pen, paper, recording device, a camera, and a stopwatch. These and many other tools will help keep track of places you’ve visited, new discoveries, amazing sights, diverse cultures and so on. It helps your blogging experience, and makes it real. With this, you will be able to connect perfectly with your target audience and grab their attention.

C. Choose a niche: In coming up with travel blogging nice ideas, you don’t have to visit every place or write on everything. You must find your space and make good use of it. A niche is simply an area of specialty, where you can dominate as a travel blogger.


Here are some niches you can specialize in, as a travel blogger:

  • Luxury travel: You can simply choose to write on beautiful cities, places and wonderful works which are appealing to the eyes. Luxury travel blogging is confined to beautiful and astonishing sights around the world.
  • Travel Photography: In this niche, you may not necessarily keep long articles and notes on places you’ve visited. It comprises mainly of pictures of the environment, people, landscapes, animals, rivers, rocks etc. In travel photography, your camera is your main tool, as it will be used to take high quality images.
  • City or country guides: As a travel blogger, you can as well give guides to road travelers. Working with the map, you should be able to know the air, land and sea paths. With this, you can give guides and directions on your blog to new traveler around that area. This niche is very vital, as it helps individuals find their way around a particular city or country. It could be food or music destinations, hotels, car parks, et cetera.
  • Adventure Travels: This is basically related to “adventures” as the name implies. You as an adventure traveller, write articles about amazing sights, mysterious places and wonderful scenes. You can work with a wildlife photographer for your works. You may wish to write articles about the places you find forests, oceans, rocks and other wonders of the world.
  • Disaster Travel: As a disaster traveler, you write about disasters happening in specific areas of the world (or areas you’ve been to). This will help supply vital information to scientists and researchers, who may need it.

D. Learn how to write: If you’re not hiring a writer, you should know how to structure your words and tell your stories. As a travel blogger, you should be able to tell your experiences and relay them for better understanding by your audience.

After taking notes and records of your journey, you will have to develop them for easy reading. This is where you give more insights and information regarding your research.

Read up how to write articles, to enable you attain necessary requirements for your blog. When travel blogging, your writing should be personal and able to relate with your audience. It should not be too formal and too playful. It should just be able to connect perfectly with your audience.

E. Meet other travel bloggers: You are not alone on this journey; you need people too, who are just like you. Like they say, “Birds of a feather, flock together.” Starting out as a travel blogger, you need to connect with other bloggers both in and outside your niche.

This will help you learn from their mistakes, share ideas and generate solutions on ways to grow and become better. You can as well, organise events, host programmes and boot-camps where different travel bloggers come together to share their opinions and tips to get better and generate more income.

F. Observe country laws and pass rights: Every country has laws, regarding areas to be visited and those to be avoided. You wouldn’t want to be convicted for going against a law in a foreign land, would you? I bet you wouldn’t. Before travelling, make a detailed research on the places you would be visiting, to note prohibited and dangerous areas. This will make your journey easier. (NOTE: Ensure to always go with a map for directions.)

G. Earn a living: You need money too for your expenses too, don’t you? Travel blogging comes with so many toils and struggles and starting a full time career can be so daunting, considering low incomes at first, coupled with the numerous expenses you will incur. Going with the article on how to earn as a blogger, useful tips can be used to generate income to boost and support your blog.

Earning as a travel blogger will take a great level of commitment and consistency by gradually generating blog traffic on your blog and networking with other travel bloggers.


Travel blogging is a fun-filled activity. In as much as it comes with little stress, you still have the opportunity to visit so many places, explore different parts of the world, learn diverse cultures and religions, and lastly, make money from it.

It is one thing you should have in mind. Do you love travel blogging? Start making plans for it and don’t forget to always visit this page whenever you need a tip. Also, let us know what you think in the comment section; we would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Remember to invite and share to friends who may need this too.

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