7 Niche Market Areas to Help You Start an Art & Design Blog

7 Niche Market Areas to Help You Start an Art & Design Blog

What is an Art and Design blogging?

In it’s simplest definition, it is  actually the production of anything beautiful, pleasing, attractive and worthwhile.

Art and design, irrespective of their little differences, can be seen under as a single subject. So, I will be using them interchangeably throughout this post.

There has been a great influx of artists and designers into our world, today and there’s a great demand for them — due to the intensity of their work.

Are you an artist or designer? You are highly needed!

You cannot keep struggling to share your works locally — start a blog, and reach thousands and millions of individuals, who will know what you do, and connect better.

(This post is NOT about art and design, but a guide on how to start a blog about one.)

Why should you start an Art or Design blog

Why should you start an Art or Design blog?

Wouldn’t you love to see your great designs and artworks on billboards, buildings, television ads and jingles, etc.

Blogging about the art world is fun and interesting. There are so many benefits and great chances you stand to gain as an artist.

One major benefit of having a space online, where you can display your beautiful designs, is that you have the opportunity to meet and connect with a lot of individuals around the globe. When your designs attract them, they will be interested in what you do!

Are you looking for a means of expanding your art business? Start a blog! A great way to boost your brand and making money online, is to start a blog, have dominion in your space and show everyone how great a designer you are.

There are no hard and fast rules; it is always a step-by-step process. This is why I have painstakingly written this explicit article, to show you every basic step you need to start, generate enough traffic and make money from your art blog.

What are the types of Art and Design blogging topics 2020

What are the types of Art and Design blogging topics

It is very obvious that the world of art is as broad as the planet. The art industry has been greatly divided into numerous categories.

As an art blogger, it is impossible for you to cover all the areas in the art industry Click To Tweet.

Your blog needs to be specific and unique. There are so many niches in the art world and trying of set up a blog about all of them, will ruin your brand and make you a “nobody.”

When it comes to finding a niche, you need to look for an area in art, where you love most, can comfortably blend, and have great knowledge.

Being specific, is one way to make you an expert in your field.

While the “generalist” is busy looking for ideas on a lot of design topics — without having deep knowledge in any — you, as the “niche expert,” will make deep researches on your area of interest. This will help you stay focused and true to your message.

Also, you will be known for a particular category and turn out to be the “highly-sought-after” personnel.

Do you know your category?

Relax and stay put. I have listed some major categories, which you may fall into.

They include the following:

  • Fashion design
  • Photography
  • Interior design
  • Animation
  • Multimedia
  • Architecture
  • Graphic design


  • Fashion design

Talk about dress styles, modelling, makeups, stylish wears and accessories, and so on; they are all part of the design world.

When you create content for your blog in this niche, you need to stay up to date, at all times. This is because this industry changes from time to time and if you fail you keep up, your blog will become outdated and your audience will look for a better source.

  • Photography

In the art world, photography is not left out. Since it dwells mostly on beauty, photography bloggers are always there to spice things up, when it comes to bringing exotic, astounding and attractive images.

In this category, you can blog on food, events, wildlife, fashion, nature, luxury and travel photography.

Aside these, there are so many other exciting areas in the photography world, where you can thrive, and have a profitable and successful blog.

  • Interior design

This is another important category in the art and design industry.

If you consider going into the world of interior design, you are actually involved in everything related to the interiors of hospitals, malls, offices, schools and so on.

These designs are very intentional, and they are for a specific purpose. You, as a blogger in this field, will have a deep knowledge about color psychology and different industries attached

  • Animation

This is a very technical category in the art and design industry. For you to start a blog on one, you need to have a great knowledge, on how to create various kinds of animations.

The use of animations is a great way to create certain ads and videos. From 2D to 3D, whiteboard animations, explainer videos, and so on, they are all used for different purposes.

Starting a blog on this may be a bit techie. If you don’t have what it takes, it’s best you leave it.

  • Multimedia

Just as the name implies, it comprises of various media styles (texts, videos and pictures), and platforms.

As an art blogger in this category, you have a lot of work and must also be specific, as to what part of the media you wish to write on.

  • Architecture

This is a more professional aspect in the art and design industry. Blogging in this niche requires in-depth knowledge and you must be able to vividly explain your projects, art and design techniques and every other part of your niche, for your audience to easily understand your message.

  • Graphic design

This is one of the largest art and design niche in the design industry. Graphic design entails a lot. It’s simply communicating with graphics (in form of logos, flyers, banners, etc.)

Starting out as an art and design blogger in this niche, brings you to a wide range of activities and techniques.

You also need to have basic knowledge about colors psychology, typography, alignment, etc.

Whoa! Truly, the art and design world is so much broad. There are so many, which are not discussed here. Make valid researches on which will work best for you.

It must be something you’re passionate about. And always remember that you have to be consistent, no matter the niche. Your audience should know you for something remarkable.

How to start a profitable Art and Design blog 2020

How to start a profitable Art and Design blog

Now you’ve discovered what you truly want to go into, it’s time to set up your art and design blog, generate enough traffic and monetize it!

One thing you should note, is that, blogging takes time. You have to consistently show up, in order to achieve maximum benefits. Click To Tweet

Here are the steps, to help you start as an art blogger:

  1. Launch your blogging platform
  2. Have a goal
  3. Make researches
  4. Create valuable content
  5. Connect with other art bloggers
  6. Generate enough traffic
  7. Monetize your blog


  1. Launch your blogging platform

Before starting any process, the first step you should take, is setting up and launching your platform. This is where all your works will be displayed, for public viewing.

There are so many technical processes in launching your blog. Some of them include: Choosing a hosting plan, domain name, themes, etc.

Don’t worry if these processes look so great. I got you covered already.

Check out my posting on the Ultimate guide on how to start a blog. There, you will get the basic knowledge on how to go through it with ease.

One other part of launching your blog, is organizing it. I wouldn’t want to go into details, but you should know how to set up your blog to be easily accessible by your audience.

  1. Have a goal

One great way to sustain your art and design blog, is to have great goals, and set plans and strategies to help boost your blog.

This will not only make you focus, but will also help you take note of your flaws and successes.

Have a schedule on when and how to create attractive content. You wouldn’t want to show up today, and come back the next month, would you?

That’s why it’s very vital to organize both your online and offline activities.

  1. Make researches

Being in the art world, you are sure to have a lot of changes, regularly. New trends are brought to the fore, old ones are taken away, exciting facts are discovered, everyday and if you fail to stay updated, you will soon lose your audience.

To stay in line, you need to make deep researches in your art niche. Find out what works and what doesn’t. This will make your art blog a lot easier and help structure your artistic content, to produce astounding works.

This also makes you an authority in your niche, seeing that you’re well grounded in ART.

  1. Create valuable content

Of course, what is your design blog, without content?

Content is food for your blog. It is what keeps and sustains your audience.

How do you create your art and design content?

You need to know how to connect and blend with your audience, to capture their interest and retain them. While creating artistic content, they should have so many good qualities. Some of them include:

  • Engaging
  • Compelling
  • Attractive
  • Simple
  • Valuable
  • Unambiguous
  • Action-oriented

These are some of the major qualities, your content should have. If your readers can’t understand what you write, it is best for you to restructure your post and take away unnecessary items.

Your content could be in writes: tips, techniques and steps to come up with an art work; videos: design courses, webinars, vlogs, and every other form of video content; pictures: graphics and a whole lot of items, pictorially represented.

Whichever strategy you can wish to use, make it easy for your audience to easily blend and get your message.

Connect with other art bloggers 2020

  1. Connect with other art bloggers

As much as you want to stand out and be unique, you still need to look out for other bloggers in the art & design world.

Of course, you can’t have the knowledge of every aspect of art, can you? (Even Albert Einstein can’t do that!)

Follow up great bloggers in the art industry, connect with them and get into their space. Try as much as possible, to learn from their mistakes and be creative enough to avoid such mistakes.

If you love any work, and wish to share, you are free, only if authorized by the owner, and due credit and acknowledgement is given.

Don’t steal anybody’s work! Make yours.

  1. Generate enough traffic

If you’re truly looking for a successful and profitable art blog, you need to invest highly in getting visitors and expanding your audience — generating traffic.

Making your design blog global, is one way to be known and seen as an expert at what you do.

Generating traffic will boost your visibility, create awareness and expand your reach. It is one sure way to monetize your blog.

There are however, so many way to generate enough traffic to your blog, and one major means is through SEO. The knowledge of SEO is a very broad one. However, you, as a beginner, may not necessarily need to go too deep; a basic knowledge will do.

Check out my well-detailed posts on SEO tips.

Aside SEO, you can as well, use various social media platforms to publicize your blog. Platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc., will help you gather a lot of audience.

In addition, you can as well, host art and design programs — online or offline — where you can either collaborate with other bloggers, or just do it alone. These programs (or “fests”), will help create awareness and make a larger audience identify with you.

Go now! Start gathering your audience!

  1. Monetize your art blog

One major goal of every art blogger is to make money. While this process may seem to take time, it is a sure way to have a side hustle and another stream of income, while growing your brand in the process.

Monetizing your blog can be in different ways.

You can either,

  • sell your art works
  • offer services
  • create courses, ebooks and other digital products
  • affiliate with various organizations, and so much more.

I have carefully written an explicit post on this. Do well to read how to make money blogging.

Woohoo! You’re now becoming a true art blogger. These steps are very easy to follow, regardless of the fact that they take time. Sometimes, you may not feel like going on again; let your “why” propel you.

Being an art blogger is fun! Have you started already? I suppose you should.

Got any worries or questions? Hit me up and I will be so glad to leave a reply. You can also share your thoughts and insights too!

Don’t forget to like and share.

Cheers to becoming a successful art blogger!

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