“If the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails”


“Preparation is the mother of good fortune, daring is the father”

Both lines are from the Axiom section of “A GUIDE to the CORPORATE MACHIAVELLI” By V. (aka Thw Mafia Manager)

And these words kept pushing me forward with my blogging career.

What’s BloggerLifeLine (BLL) all about?

It’s all how to launch a successful blog and connecting every blogger to resources that will expand their blogging horizon.

BloggerLifeLine.com to me is like calling 911 and they tell you what to do before the calvary arrives, we come in with resource materials from leading experts that will help when you get stuck with starting out your own blogging career, sustaining and excelling.

Who’s the great mind behind BLL911?

I have been blogging since 2015, I started out major publishing contents for a free Mp3 download website. And in 2016 my niche site concept was conceived.

But I didn’t start off right away because I was broke at that time and needed to finish school. I was lucky enough to have friends that could support me. So I started really small after school with less than $150; bought the BLL911 domain name just recently, Bluehost for the hosting and Dash theme by mythemeshop.

My Background

It was really hard for me leaving school after spending 6+ years in college. I eventually got my B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from NAU.

I realized that there must be a lot of other people out there who might want to start their own blog but just don’t know where to begin. Since I can’t help everyone personally, I decided I would create a blog that would show people exactly how to do it, even if they had absolutely no prior experience.

It’s also very normal for some people to be ignorant of some things online. As a reader and researcher, I’ve come across resources from leading experts in their respective niches that can help a lot of people that they don’t know about.

Being fondly called “The Blogging Christopher Columbus” by friends because I explore a lot of website contents and digest every one of them, I created a resource library that contains all the materials and resources necessary for a successful blogging journey.

I also studied a lot of SEO tips, ad optimization, and content production and made sure to constantly stay in the loop on recent and upcoming updates on the aforementioned skills.

The BLL911 mission statement
BLL911 exists solely to help other people start and grow blogs, based on three key indicators:

Excel (Make Money Blogging) and also create a community where people share ideas and also indulge themselves with materials from expert bloggers.

My Major Priority
I have multiple goals with BLL911. I want to help new and existing bloggers learn how to push through their blogging career and sustain their passion even when it seems no substantial revenues are being generated and I show them how to achieve this in collaboration with leading experts in the blogosphere.

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