Baby Blogging: 9 Easy Steps for Mom Bloggers to Start a Blog

Baby Blogging: 9 Easy Steps for Mom Bloggers to Start a Blog

Here is why Mom Bloggers should start a Baby blog

Babies are great, aren’t they? Oh, yes they are! And I guess you so much love them, don’t you?

So wouldn’t it be great if you start up a blog about them?

Nah, don’t say it’s too difficult. Starting up a blog about babies, is just as easy as you can imagine. Babies are not left out in the blogging world; they have a space too!

Do not say it is for mothers alone — anyone can be a baby blogger Click To Tweet You may be wondering what baby blogging is all about; don’t worry, I got you covered.

Let us proceed!

Here is why Mom Bloggers should start a Baby blog

What is baby blogging?

Just like every other blogging niche, blogging in the babies’ niche, is one thing you can actually consider, and become successful.

The baby blogging niche is centered around creating beautiful, insightful, and informative stories about babies. Your major aim as a baby blogger, is to help parents or individuals around the world, know more about babies and how to groom them carefully.

Blogging about babies could go in two main ways

Personal blogging: You may want to write stories about your personal stories during childbirth (either you, your spouse, a friend or relative).

This is more personal, as every of your story is progressive; right from pregnancy, to childbirth, growth, et cetera.

Some may love to keep it private (since it’s personal), but if you’re seeking a career, you may want to publicize and monetize it.

General blogging: In general baby blogging, you may not need to have the “first-hand” experience. You may not need a wife, friend etc., to start up your blog.

You can actually start based on researches, learning, and other secondary ways of gaining information about babies and start creating contents around it and then sort out a way to make some earnings for your effort.

7 Baby Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

While blogging in the “baby-blogging” niche, you may also want to niche down to something more specific.

This however, doesn’t mean you cannot blog about other areas concerning babies; you can be a general baby blogger, where you blog about everything-babies!

On the contrary, being specific means having a particular aspect in the life of a baby, where you treat certain issues. This part is very delicate and special.

There are so many aspects in a baby’s life and you may want to choose one, which you can perfectly blog.

Remember that you can still blog on all of them. It’s just a matter of CHOICE.

7 Baby Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Some baby blogging post ideas/topics you may want to consider include:

  1. Toys
  2. Clothing & Accessories
  3. Health
  4. Food
  5. Multiple births
  6. Growth
  7. Gender

Great! Let us break this down.

  1. Toys

Toys are very essential aspects in the life of every child. Who doesn’t love toys? None, I guess.

When baby blogging, you may love to blog particularly on toys used by babies. You’re could choose to include friendly toys, dangerous toys, educative toys and so on.

Your aim is to help parents, note the right toys for their child.

  1. Clothing & Accessories

Just as we know, clothing is one of the basic needs of man, and babies are not left out.

Blogging about babies’ cloths, can be a great way to boost your blogging career and also make you money as an affiliate.

You will have to find out skin types and colors for various babies, and the suitable clothing for them. While blogging on the clothing niche, don’t forget to put down beautiful color combinations parents can use while dressing up their babies.

Not forgetting accessories, you can add that up, to create a touch of class and elegance to your blog.

  1. Health

In baby blogging, the health of a child is not left out. You may want to go into the health of children: diseases and healthy lifestyles.

Take note of the fact that this particular aspect is very delicate and as such, should be treated with utmost importance.

When blogging about children’s health, you cover a lot of areas but are limited to children alone; you may want to set up the age range, to guide your audience.

  1. Food

Who doesn’t eat? Why shouldn’t you write about what babies eat?

This is a great way to start up a niche, in the “baby-blogging world.”

While blogging, you are expected to write on foods suitable for children of different age range. You might also want to list out foods that are dangerous to their health.

Your main aim here, is to make sure babies live a healthy life while eating the right foods.

  1. Multiple births

Some persons have taken the task of writing about multiple births.

You too, can do this as a blogger. So many parents who have multiple births, find it difficult to take care of them. You can act as a “savior”, by creating content on twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.

By so doing, you’re giving out vital information which may be unknown to a lot of individuals.

  1. Growth

Everyone grows, right? Sure! As a baby blogger, you can still create valuable content on how babies grow, factors necessary for growth, and stages of growth.

This is to help parents, who are unsure of their baby’s growth cycle.

  1. Gender

Even as a baby blogger, you can still choose to blog on the gender of your choice. While some may love to blog about both sexes, others may rather be specific and choose to either write on the boy or girl child.

If you write on either of them, you give vital information concerning their whole lifestyle; ranging from clothing, behavior, to feeding habits, health, physique, and so on.

This aspect is fun and if you have a deep knowledge, you will definitely make it as a baby blogger.

There are so many other niches even in the baby blogging world that may interest you. The goal is to stick to a particular one and grow with it. You should be known for something, at least.

If you’re doing it the “general way,” that’s okay. Just be consistent Click To Tweet.

baby blogging post ideas topics for mom bloggers

How to start up your Baby blog

This article will never be complete, if I omit the ultimate steps to starting a blog or a super baby blog.

If you have an idea, nothing happens, unless you act on it. Click To Tweet

So, what’s that idea still doing in your head? Get up, pick up your note pad and take down these practical steps, that will turn you into an amazing baby blogger.

  1. Launch your blogging platform
  2. Love your blog. (And love babies too!)
  3. Have a plan
  4. Work on your topic
  5. Organize interviews with parents and various therapists
  6. Organize programs, webinars, etc.
  7. Meet with fellow bloggers
  8. Write for babies
  9. Monetize your baby blog

Lets proceed. First!!

  1. Launch your blogging platform

You won’t blog on your bed, would you? I doubt that. You need a platform, where your blog posts will be consumed by the hungry audience.

I have made an explicit ultimate free guide on how to start a blog. This explains every technical aspect of blogging, you need to know. Read up the article and head back to the post for more tips!

  1. Love your blog. (And love babies too!)

Starting up a baby’s blog is fun-filled. You get to enjoy every moment, because babies are lovely and charming.

If you don’t love babies, then you shouldn’t start a blog about one. Your blogging life should resonate with your personal life.

Visit hospitals, baby daycare, and every other place you can find babies; get your experience, write about them and voila! You’re on your way to becoming that successful baby blogger.

  1. Have a plan

You can’t just blog about everything concerning babies. Even in your niche, you still have to structure your writes and organize them in a way that could easily be understood by any visitor (you don’t know your audience personally).

Relate your posts, so that they can easily be found in specific categories Click To Tweet.

This will help parents get the needed information, easily.

  1. Work on your topic

Just like having a plan, you may want to have a topic in mind. This could be a problem you wish to solve.

Check out the topics listed earlier, and pick out the best one for you.

Whichever one you choose, ensure that it is carefully studied and worked on before publishing, to avoid creating a wrong impression on your blog.

If possible, seek counsel from higher authorities in that field to gain deeper knowledge.

This will make your information authentic and make you a “boss” in your field. Isn’t that lovely?

  1. Organize interviews with parents and various therapists

You sure cannot do everything on your own, can you? Nah, that would be so impossible.

In order to improve the quality of your blog and generate traffic, you can as well have organised interviews with parents, learn from their stories and experiences, and use them to boost your knowledge bank.

If you’re not a personal blogger, you may not have certain ideas about various aspects in the life of a baby. This is why you need the information from the “horse’s mouth.”

  1. Organize programs, webinars, etc.

Of course, you’re now a baby blogger, aren’t you? You should be able to tell people what you know (outside your blog).

You can host webinars or any form of program, where parents can attend to gain the necessary information needed for their babies.

Your programs could be held either offline or online; whichever way, its aim is to gather your audience, to teach them what you know.

This also can be another means of generating traffic for your blog, brand and make money.

You can as well, work with various organizations related to your niche, have great collaborations and educate the public on a problem you feel, should be solved.

  1. Meet with fellow bloggers

Blogging about babies can be a bit tricky, because you get so many results and methods. Babies differ and your method, may not work for all babies.

Having this in mind, you should endeavor to meet with fellow bloggers (in and outside your niche), who will help you too, share ideas and look for better ways to improve your blog.

You can as well meet those higher than you, in order to learn their tips and if possible, avoid their mistakes. You can grow through this means because, you are not doing it entirely on your own.

Having a hand to guide you through processes like this will be a big bonus to your baby blog.

You have the opportunity to meet with the “masters.”

  1. Write for babies

Ok, here’s the catch, you’re not actually writing for babies per say; this is actually telling you that your content should center around babies (using their language).

When blogging about babies, you should not be too formal; learn how to be friendly and conversational.

Your audience are mostly parents, who wish to gain vital information about their babies. You wouldn’t want to scare them off with your terrible and scary writes, would you?

You might want to read up my post on how to write articles, to gain the basics tips needed to boost your content.

While using pictures, use bright, lighter and baby-friendly pictures. This attracts your target audience, and help generate more traffic.

While writing also, you may need to optimize it for search engines too. Of course your content need to have a space online, for your audience to easily spot.

It is however, not too easy to rank top, especially as a beginner, knowing fully well that there are other top sites in the same competition.

You might also want to consider using other platforms, to promote your content. Social media platforms are great too. So, while trying out the SEO method, you can as well, use social media platforms.

If you’re totally new to SEO, follow up and subscribe to get more information on SEO tips directly to your mail box. You will learn everything about optimizing your blog for search engines.

  1. Monetize your baby blog

It is true that some persons would just love to have a baby blog for fun. You can however, monetize yours if you so wish.

Read up my article on how to monetize your blog.

In addition to that, you can actually sell baby products, create eBooks on them, or even affiliate with those who have.

To achieve maximum success, everything published in your blog, should be all about babies.

5 Extra Useful tips to use, while baby-blogging

Blogging about babies is a very delicate one. You need to be very careful, so as to avoid creating a negative impression and misleading your audience.

When you blog,

  • Write in a friendly way.
  • Avoid adult rated content
  • Use bright and light pictures of babies
  • Avoid horrific images
  • Get genuine information from professionals.

There are so many other tips you can use, but just have it in mind that your baby blog should have a destination!

With these great tips, you should be on your way to being a great baby blogger!

Are you ready to start a baby blog as beginner mom blogger? Let tell you that you should and you can, no matter your budget.

Why not bookmark this page, for future use.

Got any questions or additions, let me know via the comment section. Don’t forget to hit the like and share button.


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