Beginner Steps to Create a Photo Blog (8 Profitable Niche Ideas)

Beginner Steps to Create a Photo Blog (8 Profitable Niche Ideas)

Photographers can start a Photography Blog!

Ever wondered how you were able to get those beautiful and lovely photos for your business?

Ever wondered who creates those eye-catchy images you see photo blogs online?

Then give it up, for the photographers! Yes, they are the brain behind the numerous photos you see photo blogs online, everyday.

As a photographer, who wishes to either turn passion to profit, or expand the business, you need to learn how to blog.

You can take awesome photos, based on your niche and style, and put them out to a greater audience for viewing. Yes, you too as a photographer can blog. Don’t fret yourself over how and what you should start with. Bloggerlifeline got you covered and this post has been specially made for you!

Photographers can start a Photography photography websites

Photography Blogging as a beginner

Are you a photographer who loves to display class and elegance on his or her photos? Then, you should set up your photography blog.

Photography blogging is as simple as taking your high-quality photos, and moving them to an online space.

It’s the same thing you, as a regular photographer do, but this time, you now have a platform, where all your photos, experiences, tips, projects and many more, are explained (displayed).

Have you ever thought of having such a wonderful experience? I suppose you have!

Keep reading, as I carefully explain everything you need to know, before and after starting your photography blog or photography website.

Photography blog Niche ideas

The world of photography is so broad and competitive, that one cannot easily blog on ALL the topics. They are categorized into sub-niches and it is very important that you locate yours and be consistent in it.

You don’t want to be all about fashion today, and immediately move over to wildlife tomorrow — that’s absurd!

Before starting out, work on your photo blog sub-niche, get more updates on it and dwell so much in it. Your brand will grow from there.

Moving on, here are some of the photo blog sub-niches in photography, which you may love to “dominate”:

  • Travel photography — If you’re a travel blogger, this is a great way to start out as a photographer. Your duty is as simple as moving from place to place (towns, cities, countries, etc.) and taking pictures of the different cultures, religions, lifestyles, and so on.

Just as the name implies, it is starting out as a photographer, by traveling!

  • Fashion photography — This industry too, is broad but it entails taking photos of beautiful sights in the fashion world.

It could range from modelling, to clothing patterns, flashy designs, new trends and so many other things related to the fashion world.

A photographer in this category, must be updated at all times. There’s no point, putting out images from the ’80s* when 2020 current trends are already in the market; you will lose your audience with time.

(*Only if your photo blog is designed for ancient fashion ideas.)

photography websites blog topic niche ideas

  • Food photography — The world of food too, is as great as anything could be. Being a photographer in the food category, will make you get acquainted with various food types.

You are expected to give information — using pictures — on various types of food, their origin, people who eat them, dangers or benefits, and every other information which needs to be exposed to the audience.

Being a food photo blogger (photographer), your pictures should depict class. The photos of different food types could be either taken raw, or cooked. Whichever way, it is your job as a photographer, to let your audience know what each picture means.

  • Luxury photography — Being a photographer in this category, your work is very delicate. You are expected to ALWAYS take high-quality, professional photos.

Your photo blog will be amassed with beautiful photos of luxurious sights such as exotic cars, buildings, housewares, great accessories and so on.

It is however, very vital to note that you have to be consistent, no matter strong how it may feel to drift.

  • Wildlife photography — Taking great pictures in the wild is fun, isn’t it? Great sights of both small and great animals in the wild can be captured.

You can visit forests, deserts, bushes and any other place where you may likely have a view of certain creatures.

Taking images of very high-quality is a very sure way to grow in this photo blog category.

  • Personal photography — Sometimes, you may not want to have anything specific in mind. You can actually start up a personal photography blog.

This will clearly state your stories, experiences, lifestyle and everything about you. You take pictures of places you go, foods you eat, clothes you put on, and some other activities in your life.

For you to start out with this photo blog, you need to have an established platform, where your audience can easily follow what you do.

  • Medical photography — Just as the medical world is broad, so is it, for a photographer in the industry.

You are expected to take great photos of anything “medical,” ranging from drugs, to medical equipments, specimens, patients, microscopic images, and so on.

  • Event photography — In event photography, your sole aim as a photographer, is to have great photos of individuals in any event — birthday parties, award ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, burials, sports events, etc.

Taking astounding images at red carpets, capturing great celebrities and so much more, are ways to build yourself and brand as an event photographer.

There are so many other categories not listed here, like buildings, landscape, space, nature, underwater, photojournalism, etc.  Find yours, and build a brand around it. Also remember that consistency is key. If you wish to start out with wildlife photography, don’t attempt event photography; don’t confuse your audience, feed them with the right knowledge.

Best beginner steps to start Blogging as a Photographer

Best beginner steps to start Blogging as a Photographer

Now you have successfully found your photo blog category, it’s time to get to work! Photography blogging is fun, but if you take it the hard way, it will never become a pleasure experience.

Everything you do as a photography blogger, must revolve around creating valuable content, generating traffic, and monetizing.

For you to be successful in your photo blog, you must carry out these three major processes with great care.

Do you really wish to learn how to start your photography blog?

Then, don’t go anywhere!

Grab your camera and let’s take some photos!


  1. Set up your blogging platform
  2. Be a photographer
  3. Start with “why.”
  4. Have your style
  5. Create content
  6. Be part of a photo community
  7. Generate enough traffic
  8. Monetize your blog


  1. Set up your blogging platform

While starting out as a photo blogger in the photography world, your first step, is to launch your blogging platform.

This is more like your online gallery, where all your photo blog collections are displayed.

This is where everything “technical,” begins. You go through processes like, choosing your host, setting a hosting plan, choosing a domain name, theme and so much more.

Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy. These processes are very easy to carry out.

Also, I have specially written a post on how to start a blog, where you get to understand how these whole “techy stuffs” work. I’m sure you’d love to read it.

Aside taking care of the launching, you still need to organize your platform. Since it will be more of pictures, your layout and theme should depict such.

Try to classify your image under different categories Click To Tweet.

Have different pages, for different sets of pictures. This way, it will be easy for your audience to follow you and keep track of any change.

  1. Be a photographer

You can’t be a doctor and expect to have a perfect photography blog — who does that?

Photography is something you should love and be willing to make sacrifices. Before you start your blog, you need to have great knowledge about the photography industry.

This is because, every photography blog must have great and high-quality images; only photographers can do that.

If you have no knowledge yet, it’s best you go for training and learn how to be a professional in it Click To Tweet.

Also, as a photography blogger, you need to consistently take photos. If you’re a travel blogger, you need your camera with you, wherever you go. Take pictures and constantly upload them. Your audience are always checking up on you. If you abandon them, they will surely seek a new place.

If possible, take a lot of pictures and schedule them for the week. There are different kinds of software, used for this purpose, so you may not necessarily have to open the computer for a week!

  1. Start with “why.”

Every photography blogger has a goal and a reason for starting out in the first place. Are you blogging for fun (more like the personal photography) or for profit?

Whatever your reason is, stick to it. This will help you stay in line and make you more focused.

  1. Have your style

Every photographer is unique; you’re not an exception. Let your photos speak and let it blend with your audience.

Take photos in a way that it depicts your brand and projects a great image of you.

Avoid boring or blurry images; they chase visitors.

Watch out for your competitors and strive to always do better Click To Tweet — don’t copy!

  1. Create content

This is the life of every photography blog. Of course, what is your blog without photos?

Just as you know, creating content for your photography blog, should be more of visuals and less writes. Your writes could be blurbs, or little notes on your pictures.

You can however, write on the techniques, tips, and projects you have, as well as your stories as a photographer. But the main content for your blog should be pictures.

Your pictures should speak class. Strive to take the best shots; you don’t have to worry yourself over perfection. You will get better with time.

As much as you can, make your photos attractive and compelling. Be very intentional about every photo you put out there and let your message be passed easily.

If you’re selling your photos and they are always displayed, you can use a watermark, to protect it from theft.

  1. Be part of a photo community

Of course, you can’t grow alone. As much as being unique is very important, you can still take powerful ideas and inspiration from fellow photographers and bloggers.

Connect and collaborate with photography bloggers around. It could either be virtual or online.

If you’re using a fellow photographer’s work, ensure that proper reference and credit is given. Don’t steal or copy their works!

You can emulate, but don’t imitate.

  1. Generate enough traffic

Aside content creation, traffic generation is another great way of building your photography blog Click To Tweet.

If you’re looking out for a successful and global photography blog, you should invest deeply in generating traffic.

One way to achieve this, is through SEO. In as much as SEO techniques deals with writes, pictures or images can be optimized too. Check out my post on SEO tips. It’s a great way to get the basic knowledge of how SEO works.

Another method is through various media platforms (social media). Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook and a whole lot more, can help generate traffic to your blog.

When you make a new post, ensure that it is shared on different media platforms, where people can view and connect with your blog.

  1. Monetize your blog

The major goal of most bloggers, is to make money. After creating valuable content consistently and generating enough traffic, you are left with one last goal — monetizing your blog.

There are so many ways to monetize your photography blog Click To Tweet.

You can choose to sell your photos, create photography classes (webinars), sell ads, create eBooks on photography tips and techniques, and a whole lot more.

I have given a more detailed post on how you can monetize your blog. Check out how to make money blogging.

Hurray! You have successfully completed this wonderful article. I’m sure you would love to start right away.

Just as you have seen, starting a photography blog, as well as any other blog, may not be as easy as it seem. There are “dark days” too. Your why should always keep you going.

Don’t worry too much about making money as a beginner. Just strive to be the best and consistently create great content.

Once you’ve gotten enough traffic, you can start thinking of ways to monetize your blog. It’s a gradual process.

I’m sure you gained so much from this wonderful article.

Do you really wish to start your photography blog?

I guess YES, then follow my guide and just start.

I would be waiting for your comments and suggestions. Got any questions, hit me up and I would gladly leave a reply. Don’t forget to like and share.


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