How to Start a Lifestyle Blog (7 Best Niche blog Ideas)

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog (7 Best Niche blog Ideas)

What is Lifestyle Blogging?

Whether you love driving, cooking, traveling, or inspiring, having a blog where you share your wonderful experiences will be such a great way to become exposed to amazing opportunities.

Looking for a way to fuel your passion and make it go global? I guess you wish to show someone out there that crazy stunt you performed and the wonderful dress you made for a birthday party.

Your lifestyle blog does that!

This guide on how to start a profitable lifestyle blog will help you achieve maximum success in your blog.

Lifestyle blogging has been seen as a general term for a lot of blogging niches. “Lifestyle” in itself, is not dependent on any topic. You, as the blogger, determines what is displayed.

Lifestyle blogging is simply blogging about your “lifestyle.” Funny right?

Ok, so you probably have a hobby and it’s something you wish to share. You may also be passionate about something and you can show someone out there.

You may also have wonderful tips and solutions to a specific problem — won’t you share?

Everything you do as a person (cooking, traveling, sewing, designing, etc.), can be seen as part of your lifestyle. It is something you enjoy and spend time on.

So, what does your lifestyle blog cover?

Basically, it could be on anything you wish to share as a person. If you love cooking, you can share your favorite meal, awesome recipes, meal plans, etc. You can also give out tips on how to cook sumptuous meals. This is a great way to start as a lifestyle blogger.

What’s more?

Your lifestyle blog gives you the opportunity to do what you love best. It helps you easily transfer your thoughts on a subject and help so many persons out there, who may need solutions. Click To Tweet

Lifestyle blogging is fun!

Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to make money while you blog! Wouldn’t you love to have a lucrative online business, even while sharing your happiest moments?

You can do this! It’s great to have fun and even greater, to make money while doing that.

Are you excited already?

Great! This guide will show you exactly what you need to turn your passion to profit, through blogging.

Grab your notepad and let’s ride!

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog 2020

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

Making amazing crafts yourself is good. Taking so many DIY projects is great, but how will you feel if those mind-blowing tricks are shown to a global audience?

How will you feel, if you’re seen as an expert in your field as a lifestyle blogger?

How will you feel if you’re called upon, to share your wonderful experiences?

Great right? Exactly!

Your lifestyle blog will cover your life. It will revolve around your interest and skills. What are you passionate about? Start a blog!

Ok, now you wish you start and share your amazing ideas to the world. You might ask: how can I start up a lifestyle blog?

Your lifestyle blog is your online platform, where you share these experiences. It is a space, where you have full control and can make desired changes to suit your needs. Click To Tweet

Starting a lifestyle blog is not a difficult as some pose. You don’t need to bother yourself about hiring a programmer or web designer. You can do it yourself!

Yes, and that is why I have come up with this explicit guide on how to successfully launch a profitable lifestyle blog, increase your traffic flow, and make money.

Follow through and you will never regret doing so.

Steps to creating your profitable lifestyle blog

  1. Find your niche
  2. Launch your blogging platform
  3. Build your brand
  4. Create content
  5. Work with fellow bloggers
  6. Generate traffic
  7. Monetize your blog


  1. Find Your Niche

Just as I said earlier, starting a lifestyle blog calls for much focus. You can have a lot of hobbies and interests but for your blog, you need just one message and it can only be found in your niche.

Writing without a niche will make your blog look so vague and without focus. Remember, “Writing for all, is writing for none.”

You might be interested in cooking, traveling, DIY crafts, etc. at the same time. This is very wonderful, but if you’re starting your blog and wish to be intentional about it, you should pick out one aspect and start from there.

If you, however, wish to write on more than one topic, you should at least make sure they are closely related and can blend easily, to avoid passing out the wrong message.

Your niche should be something you’re much passionate about. It tells your blog’s main objective and helps you find your target audience. Everyone will not love to cook. Everyone will not love to travel. Use your blog content (in your niche), to know your specific audience.


Here are some niches you can start with, as a lifestyle blogger

  • Food — being a lifestyle blogger in this niche, you share your ideas and experiences on the various food you have come across. It could be on what you like, or what you detest. You can also share tips on how to prepare certain meals, give out meal plans, and help your audience eat healthy foods. Food bloggers are well appreciated in this niche.
  • Fashion — you probably are obsessed with beauty and class. You love anything elegant and amazing — it’s your lifestyle. Why don’t you share these experiences with your audience? Starting a lifestyle blog in the fashion niche will help you reach out to a lot of individuals, who need fashion tips. It could be on clothing styles, hair, accessories, etc. You’re the blogger!
  • Travels — going on various trips? Visiting amazing places and viewing amazing sights? Well then, share it! Starting a lifestyle blog in the travel niche is a great way to share road trips, nice locations, diverse cultures and religions, beautiful places, and exotic buildings. You can also help your audience with road mappings, helping them get easy access to a lot of wonderful places too. Also, while traveling (could be solo travel), giving the lifestyle in place XYZ, is another great way to spice up your blog content. So, you will probably have to share your idea of places you’ve been and what happens there.
  • DIY crafts — are you looking forward to repairing your garage door, or creating an easy way to pump your tires? Do you love making things yourself and having fun at the same time? Then work on it as a lifestyle blogger. There are so many areas you can start from, in the DIY niche. Choose what works best for you.
  • Single Mom life — you could have a blissful single mom experience! So many persons out there are lost and need help in this case. There are a lot of single moms, who find it difficult to either cope or become productive. Starting a blog in this niche will help you know their pains, find their problems, and look for possible solutions.
  • Budgeting and Saving — have a way to save money for your next trip? Know how to plan for shopping even without breaking your pocket? Then you need to start a lifestyle blog! Starting in this niche will give you the opportunity to show your finance skills. You will be able to give out financial tips and how to spend wisely, save, plan, and use money in a healthy manner.
  • Health — this is a major niche in the lifestyle world. In this niche, you give out tips on how to live better (basically). From wellness tips to fitness tips, healthy living, and a whole lot more. It could be on the exercise, hygiene, etc.

There are so many other niches in the lifestyle world. Some of them include:

  • Vegan living
  • Martial arts
  • Environmental protection
  • Home gardening
  • Rural living
  • Technology
  • Culture

Just find out what you love doing and are passionate about. Look out for your interests and skills.

Also, look out for your competitors and see what they are doing. This will help channel your drive, to know how to do better.

Gotten your desired niche? Now, it’s time to get your blog started!

Steps to creating your profitable lifestyle blog 2020

  1. Set up Your Blogging Platform

Got those ideas and wish to share them? Great! You need a blog to do this. After finding your desired niche and putting down the necessary details needed for your blog, it’s time to launch it and make it go live!

Your platform is where you share your wonderful lifestyle ideas and connect with your audience.

This guide will help you quickly set up your lifestyle blog and start sharing!

You don’t need to hire a programmer or web designer. You don’t need the be a programming expert. You don’t also need coding to be able to tweak your lifestyle blog. You can do it yourself!

This guide was specifically made for you 🙂

Before setting up your blog, know that there are both free and paid blogging platforms.

It’s okay to start out on free platforms — since you don’t have to pay anything. But if you’re intentional about blogging and wish to monetize and been seen, you will have to upgrade to a premium package.

Free packages don’t feature technical support and they lack a lot of amazing features. Plus, you can’t easily monetize your free platform.

Also, your domain name will look incredibly long (and probably annoying). This is because the company will have to add their name to yours, showing that it is not premium.

So, you can start making plans for upgrading. Here are things you should note while setting up your blog:

  • Web hosting — your blog will have a little house in cyberspace. Your hosting service do this. Find a good hosting plan and upgrade your blog, to make it go live.
For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost
  • Domain name — this is your blog name (e.g. For your lifestyle blog, you can come up with something great, attractive, and catchy. You might want to think over it because you will have a whole lot of ideas in your head already. Just look out for your niche and brand message. Your domain name should revolve around it.
  • Installing themes — your blog will obviously need an amazing appearance. Getting a suitable theme for your blog, will not only create an attractive blog but will also boost your blog for a great reading experience. There are lots of themes out there (free and paid). Get the one that is suitable and set it up for your blog.
  • Essential Plugins — if you’re looking for a way to add functionality to your blog, plugins will help you do that. There are so many plugins available, but ensure to use only essential ones.

These are just the basic things you need to fully set up your lifestyle blog.

Worried about the terms? Don’t worry, I got you covered. I have carefully written a well-detailed article on how to start a blog. This will take you to the basic steps need to find launch your blog and make it go LIVE!

  1. Build Your Brand

One thing that will make you seen and heard, is your brand. Your hobbies and passion can work for you, but if you are not able to project it for value, your efforts will seem to be a waste.

Building your brand, will position you for growth and make you seen as an expert in your niche. There are so many factors that contribute to the growth of your brand. I will just give a few of them:

  • Name — just as stated earlier, this is your domain name. It is a name for your blog. It may be very tricky at this stage because you’re left with a lot of options and names to choose from.

If you’re in the fashion category, choose suitable keywords there, the same goes for every other lifestyle niche.

When choosing names (as a lifestyle blogger), use these tips:

  • Must be memorable and catchy
  • Choose from a list of keywords, don’t just guess
  • It should not be too long (within the range of 6–14 letters)
  • It should be easy to say and spell.
  • Avoid the use of hyphens and numbers (they make it look spammy).
  • It must carry a message (don’t bundle unnecessary keywords, without meaning).
  • Must be unique

Your name is one of the greatest tools for your brand. If it is misused, you will be sending in a wrong impression on your brand. I don’t think you would love to do that, would you?

  • Message — as a brand, you need to have a specific message. This is what you’re known for. Do you help families plan their meals? Do you give traveling guides? Do you help your audience stay fit and healthy? Whatever your message may be, do well to stick to it. Also, your message should be able to solve the problem. If it’s mot needed, then you should find a better message that is needed in the market.
  • Uniqueness — your brand should be able to stand out in the crowd. Be unique and create your own style. Avoid copying other bloggers’ works. It makes you vulnerable and places you as mediocre. Be unique, and you will be known.
  • Expertise — you should have deep knowledge of your niche. Always make researches on various topics in your niche. This will also help you stand out and make you a “boss.”

So many ideas come out daily. If you fail to make researches, you will become another outdated blogger.

Building your brand will boost your blog growth and make your audience know you better.

  1. Create content

Your blog thrives on content and if you fail this aspect as a blogger, your blog will never be needed. All your efforts will be in vain.

Your blog content will determine if your visitors will come back to become loyal followers, or run away and never return.

So, why content are you truly giving out?

Your content should be:

  • Engaging
  • Compelling
  • Attractive
  • Valuable
  • Informative
  • Solution-based

Your content feeds your blog and makes it known. Your blog can’t be an empty wasteland.

Your lifestyle blog can be filled with various content forms — texts, videos, pictures, audios, etc. You can use one more, to style up your blog for better readership.

While creating content, you don’t need to rush. Just take your time to do what’s to right. Make sure it is valuable, else you will have a problem of chasing away visitors.

Also, you have to be very passionate about your content. Since it’s a lifestyle blog, your audience should be able to see life through you. Feel it and pass it down to your audience.

Don’t worry about creating the perfect content. Just try to be your best. Get ideas from approved sources and share them. Work on your content; it is food for your blog.

  1. Work With Fellow Lifestyle Bloggers

You will surely need people to assist you in the course of your journey as a lifestyle blogger. Of course, you will not be able to handle all issues yourself.

If you can’t connect with lifestyle bloggers, you will be lost. So many new trends surface daily and if you fail to have proper knowledge of them, you will become outdated and your audience will race to a better blog.

You wouldn’t want that, would you? Nay . . .

Join various groups and connect with lifestyle bloggers around. Share ideas and tips on how to become better. Also, look out for practices that should be discarded.

You can as well, meet top lifestyle bloggers and influencers in your niche. Connecting with them will expose you to a world you never knew. Learn the secrets and methods they use. You can as well sign up for courses and upgrade.

Don’t settle for less.

  1. Generate traffic

Setting up your blog and creating content, is one thing, generating enough traffic, is another. For your blog to go global and reach out to a greater audience, you need to seek out ways to increase the flow of traffic.

If you fail to do this, your blog will continue to go down, and all your efforts will seem to be a waste.

Here are various means of generating traffic to your blog:

  • SEO practices — a lot of people think SEO has gone extinct. The fact is that it has even been upgraded to work better! If you want your blog to be easily seen by most visitors, then you need to inculcate good SEO practices.

While creating content, look out for specific keywords to help your site thrive. Don’t worry if this sounds vague and confusing; I got you covered!

Check out my postings on SEO tips and learn the basic knowledge of SEO.

  • Social media — due to the high competition rate and lack of knowledge of SEO, some bloggers now resort to using social media platforms to boost their blogs.
Whether you know about SEO or not, you need to boost your blog on social media too. Click To Tweet

This will help you reach a greater number of an audience too. Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

There are other ways to generate enough traffic to your blog. Some include joining groups and guest posting.

This is all in a bid to make your blog visible and known.

  1. Monetize Your Blog

Would you spend time creating content and generating traffic, and let it go in vain?

Would you love to be rewarded for your efforts? Great! Then you have to seek for monetizing options.

You can blog for fun and forget everything about making money, but you can also make money while having fun!

There are so many ways to make money blogging in the lifestyle niche. You will, however, have to note that it may take time before you receive your first $1. You just have to be consistent and put out your best.

You can monetize through the following means:

  • Selling ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Guest posting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling digital products
  • Hosting paid webinars, seminars, etc.

I have also given out a more detailed post on how to make money blogging. Check it out and explore amazing ways to monetize your lifestyle blog!

Big ups!

You have successfully completed this amazing guide on how to start up your profitable lifestyle blog!

Are you ready to become intentional and transform your passion to profit? Take this guide and follow all due process. Don’t rush it.

Blogging requires consistency. Just keep giving out the great value and with time, you will be rewarded for it.

Congrats! You’re now a lifestyle blogger!

Don’t forget to subscribe and share to let your friends know this today. Confused in any way? Got any questions or suggestions? Use our ever-friendly comment section and I will gladly leave a reply.

Have you followed my blog? Do so now! Don’t miss out on any blogging tip.

Cheers to greatness!

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