Weight Loss Blogging: Beginner Guide to Help You Start as a Weight Loss Blogger

Weight Loss Blogging: Beginner Guide to Help You Start as a Weight Loss Blogger

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Do you want to be a weight loss niche blogger? Read through to get tips!

Starting a blog that focuses on the human body can be very tricky. This is because individuals vary, and one method may not work for all. The human body is very delicate and every individual cautiously uses what is prescribed to it.

Whether you’re sharing your personal experiences as a weight loss blogger or giving vital facts, it should be noted that your solutions may not work for everyone. Your audience differs and as such, should be treated with care.

Remember that this is NOT a weight loss blog, but a guide on how to start one.



What is weight loss blogging?

Weight loss blogging is simply the art of helping obese, fat and overweight individuals attain a moderate body shape and structure, by giving useful tips and solutions (personal or general), which can be used to gradually reduce their weight.

It entails sharing detailed and well researched strategies and ideas to help individuals with excessive fats in their bodies. These strategies will enable them gain a normal physique with time.

Proven steps to becoming a weight loss blogger

Just like every other blogging niche, weight loss blogging has practical steps and procedures to enable you pass your information without going through rigorous processes. Weight loss blogging is very delicate and should be taken with caution.

Before starting out as a weight loss blogger, you need the prior knowledge on how to start a blog, to have an idea of every technical aspect involved in the blogging world.

That aside, these amazing tips will help you stand out as a weight loss blogger:

  1. Start with what you
  2. Have a unique voice
  3. Use only proven methods
  4. Work with health practitioners in your field
  5. Connect with bloggers
  6. Try out new methods
  7. Learn to blend with your audience
  8. Ask for reviews
  9. Use your blog to generate income

1. Start with what you know: Since weight loss deals with the human anatomy, you should be very sure of whatever method you give out there. If you have personal experiences, it will be an added advantage.

Starting with what you know, will help you gain a maximum level of confidence in your strategies. When your visitors come to your blog, they are expected to receive top-notch and genuine information on how to reduce their weight. One wrong step from you will create a bad reputation and may likely damage your brand.

If you’re not giving out tips from personal experience, ensure that you have tested the method: either on a friend, family member or client. This will help you to know key areas that should either be used or discarded. Whichever ever way you choose to start with, ensure that you work with what you know, can prove, and probably answer visitors’ questions whenever they ask.

Before you click the “publish” button, ensure that your content is useful and valuable. If it doesn’t give value, it’s better you leave it out and look for something good. It’s better to give one genuine content in a week, than post irrelevant articles which can reduce your worth and bring negative feedbacks.

2. Have a unique voice: Your blog speaks and as such, should have a unique voice which can be used to either attract or repel your visitors (you have the choice to make). If your voice speaks class and elegance, you will attract more visitors; however, if you have a shabby voice, you will lose more visitors coming to your blog.

Finding a unique voice can sometimes, be difficult; it takes time. To identify your voice, try to be real when you write your articles, especially if they stem from personal experiences Click To Tweet. If you’re humourous, use it for your writes, but don’t be over playful. If you’re straight to the point, that’s fine, so long as your visitors can relate with you, while reading your blog posts.

weight loos concept

3. Use only proven methods: Growing as a weight loss blogger, there will be a pull to always put something out. While this can be a positive drive, it can lead to half-baked works and strategies which are not properly tested. While blogging on weight loss, you can choose to make it:

  • Inspirational: boosting the emotions of obese individuals by encouraging them to keep up with the activities and strategies given.
  • Healthy: giving out specific meals to be taken by the individual, in order to internally burn down excessive fats.
  • Physical: exploring different external methods to help reduce the body’s fats. In this method, you give exercises and workouts.

Also note that you can choose either or all of the methods, as long as they are tested and proven by higher authorities in various fields.

4. Work with health practitioners in your field: You will definitely have to relate with those who know better, concerning health related matters. Host meetings, interviews and probably webinars to help you generate more traffic to your blog. They could be dieticians, food bloggers, yoga instructors, wellness experts, therapists on so many health areas, and so on. With this, your information will be seen as “genuine.”

5. Connect with bloggers: As a blogger, your can’t work alone. You have to connect with fellow bloggers Click To Tweet, especially in you niche, to generate solutions on how to become better. Connecting with fellow bloggers will open room for better ideas, new methods, and proven steps which will help you gain an understanding of your blog. You will also be able to avoid unnecessary mistakes, while learning from those around you.

6. Try out new methods: It is no news that new strategies are discovered daily. When you fail to be updated, your methods will one day become obsolete and won’t be useful anymore.

Watch YouTube videos, explore the world and don’t forget to try out what’s new. Your new methods could be a faster or healthier way, to reduce excessive fats in the body.

Don’t forget to ask for reviews to know what works best, and those to be discarded. (DON’T fake your reviews, use real life reviews; it’s the human body you’re addressing.)

7. Learn to blend with your audience: As a weight loss blogger, you have the sole responsibility of making your audience feel relaxed while reading your blog posts. If you’re using video content, always smile and be cheerful.

Your audience may probably be sad or depressed because they want to have a lasting solution to their problems. You wouldn’t want to add to those problems by acting all serious, would you? I doubt that.

If you’re using written content, be personal and friendly. Use soft words and make them feel at home with your articles. Check out how to write articles for your blog, to get the basics tips you need while writing.

Don’t be too formal or too playful. Use encouraging words that will help them practice and become better. (Note: don’t over promise, especially when you’re not sure of a given strategy; show them the pros and cons of any given method.)

8. Ask for reviews: While giving out tips, you may not have the opportunity to gain access to the results. This is why you should kindly ask for reviews from your visitors.

These reviews will help you take note of strategies that work and those that don’t. Asking for reviews can come in so many forms. For example:

“Don’t forget to send in your feedbacks and issues; we would be glad to address them swiftly.”

“Kindly send in your questions and contributions on how we can serve you better. Thanks.”

“Do you have issues or something you need clarification? Kindly send them. We would be happy to hear from you.”

These and many more, are ways you can get your visitors’ thoughts about your tips. It could be bad or good; accept them and don’t ignore any one. They will help you become better.

9. Use your blog to generate income: You can read up how to earn from your blog, to understand how to generate income and start a full time career as a blogger. Blogging about weight loss is a very competitive one.

You have to be real and unique, for you to generate enough traffic for your blog. Be patient and consistent; don’t focus on money at first. Just continuously dish value and you will be able to generate enough traffic that will lead to more sales.

Starting a weight loss blog may not be as easy as it may seem, considering the fact that you have to constantly check out new methods and face the problem of having negative results.

Sometimes, one strategy may work for an individual, and fail for another. You just have to constantly make researches, connect with individuals in that field and keep growing. Consistency is key Click To Tweet.

Have you started yours already? Use these methods to guide you and make you the best in your field. Don’t forget to like, share and invite friends who may need this.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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