FastComet Review: Blog Hosting so Cheap & Reliable, Why?

FastComet Review: Blog Hosting so Cheap & Reliable, Why?

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With countless hosting providers littered all over the web, it becomes the duty of every blogger to have deep knowledge of web and cloud hosting platforms before considering a switch.

Fastcomet Review 2020

About Fastcomet

Fastcomet Hosting is a privately owned independence web hosting company, that offers web hosting services to personal and small-business website owners, with great protection against malware and a fast and responsive server.

Fastcomet was established in 2013 as a Cpanel-based cloud hosting service provider.

Cpanel is a Webhosting control panel, a software-based online Linux graphical interface that offers reliable services and general management on your website. Ranging from publishing websites, Organizing and Saving files, and much more functionalities with the intent of helping you manage your web-hosted account.

Cpanel as a 26-year-old software, written in Perl makes complicated web systems more understanding, easy to access, and simple configuration for users.

The basic framework of a Cpanel hosted website is handled by Cpanel. You can easily manage software installations, password and security, email creation and links, Domain and Subdomain. With the Cpanel interface, you can be able to personalize your website even without advanced knowledge of Frontend and backend programming.

With over 50000 active customers, functioning in over 80 countries, 7 years of operation and 2000+ cloud nodes, Fastcomet sticks to Cpanel to offer shared cloud SSD hosting that does not just provide high-performance solutions but are empowered with private SSD based cloud services.


Try FastComet Today – 45 Day Money Back Guarantee


My Fastcomet Review 2020 After Using On a Niche site it for 2 years!

Fastcomet Hosting ranks as one of the cheapest web hosting services, with amazing packages that are perfect for start-up websites, small scale bloggers, and bloggers on a budget.

With international medals of honors attached to them, Fastcomet has been voted as the best web hosting services provided by lots of web hosting communities like Hostadvice.

Hostadvice Fastcomet Review

Fastcomet Web Hosting Categories

FastComet provides quite a number of web hosting categories made up for the different needs of bloggers. Whether you’re looking to create your first blog from scratch or you’re looking to change the web host of a blog you’ve been working on overtime, FastComet definitely has what you need.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

Getting started with your first blog?

Shared hosting plans are the best option to start your first blog on a budget and still get the best service.

Shared hosting has become the most affordable web hosting plan. FastComet hosts a lot of websites on a single server with all websites sharing common blog resources.

Fastcomet’s shared hosting plan comes with great features of what FastComet terms “important features” .


Try FastComet Today – 45 Day Money Back Guarantee


Check out the listed important features below:

  • A Free domain name (You get a free domain name once you choose any of their plans just for the first year)
  • Cloud-based hosting utilizing SSD for storage (FastComet uses SSD drives which offers you 300% faster access to your files and database compared to its hosting competitors who don’t use SSD storage but rather use HDD)
  • Free Cloudflare CDN (For optimum website speed and caching)
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Transfers and Migrations

Now, let’s take you through with the FastComet review for bloggers

  • Unmetered Traffic

For growing blogs, FastComet provides unmetered traffic. FastComet provides the traffic quota for every plan you choose so you can keep in mind when to upgrade your plan as your blog grow.

  • Hosting Infrastructure

For the starter shared host plan, they provide a solid host service. Their other expensive plans provide you unlimited domains, subdomains, and a private DNS server.

  • CMS-Specific Optimizations

Through their well-optimized Cpanel setup, they have great hosting optimization for WordPress, Joomla, and OpenCart as well. FastComet provides the easy to use tools to enable you to install these Content Management Space with just a few clicks.

  • WordPress Hosting Plans

Apart from the basic shared hosting plan, bloggers looking to purchase WordPress hosting plans on a budget can consider the platform-specific options available.

Along with the free important features already available, you’ll also get advanced WordPress-specific security (including malware identification and removal), free updates to the WordPress core, and, should any major harm is done to your file, you get a free restoration of your blog using an existing backup.

FastComet Hosting Plans

Bigger FastComet Hosting Plans

  • VPS or Dedicated Option

The VPS or Dedicated option is for already established blogs with massive traffic, when you have tons of daily visitors, you should tap into the power of a cloud VPS hosting plan (or a dedicated server). FastComet offers managed VPS and dedicated hosting — no technical expertise required — and with coupon prices, you’ll pay a decent fee for a well-performing server.

  • Cloud VPS Hosting Plan

With the cloud VPS hosting plan, you get your free domain, backups, and CDN as the shared hosting package.  Furthermore, cloud plans come with SSD storage and are fully well managed, which means that you have less to do when it comes to managing your hosted blog.

There are 4 different FastComet Cloud VPS plan Offers which you can choose from as they differ in;

The number of CPU cores included
RAM and storage space available
Maximum web bandwidth
While many other hosts treat control panels as add-ons at the VPS hosting level, FastComet gives you full control of your panel settings.

  • Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server is built for extremely high traffic generating websites.

FastComet’s dedicated servers provide a fully well-managed option — you don’t have to wait for a 2 or 3 day period for allocation after you purchase your hosting account.

FastComet possesses four different dedicated servers from which you can select from. FastComet offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all their plans.


Try FastComet Today – 45 Day Money Back Guarantee


FastComet Security Addons and Benefits

  • SSL Certificates:

If you run an e-commerce website and want an extra block of security, a private SSL suit you best.

FastComet, together with GlobalSign SSL, sells private SSL certificates that offer you protection up to $10,000 in the event of a security breach.

The SSL certificates are quick to install.

Why must you need to have an SSL certificate for your blog?

Website SEO: Google, for example, credits sites that are secure and also guarantee the web user’s safety.

Good performance: GlobalSign promises that its SSL certificates don’t slow down blogs and it is lightweight.

Phishing checks: An SSL Cert protect your website and visitors against those seeking information they can then use against you (or your blog users!)

  • Cloudflare CDN:

One way to boost the performance and security of your blog is to use a content delivery network (CDN), which caches your site and delivers it from the location closest to your visitors.

Cloudflare offers a free, entry-level CDN. You can integrate your CDN with your FastComet hosting plans through the cPanel Control Panel.

  • Free Backup and Restoration

In the case, you need immediate backup-related service for your blog, FastComet offers free daily and weekly backups. When needed, you just simply request the restoration of your blog from a backup free of charge.

  • Fast & Reliable Customer Support

FastComet offers 24/7 support. Free of charge web support with immediate live chat support.

Although a malware removal is almost never really free of charge. But then, there is no downtime for your blog as they tackle the infection.

You can contact support by live chat, email, or phone.

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FastComet Data Centers

FastComet Data Centers

The more server data centers, the better they serve web visitors and bloggers from different locations around the world. FastComet currently maintains data centers in:

Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Newark, NJ
London, England
Frankfurt, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tokyo, Japan
Singapore, Singapore

Try FastComet Today – 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

FastComet Review Conclusion – Fast, Cheap & Reliable

Bloggers just getting started (Mostly on a budget) will see benefits using FastComet Shared hosting plan.

With painless migration services from FastComet, and so many enticing benefits and no apparent drawbacks, FastComet deserves a trial run, at least.

What do you think about FastComet?

Have you tried FastComet yet?

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