Guide to Beauty Blogging: Start with these 8 Niche Ideas

Guide to Beauty Blogging: Start with these 8 Niche Ideas

Why you should start beauty blogging

Like sephora and temptalia, have you ever thought of taking your beauty business to a greater level?

You should know that the world is going global, and people need quick and reliable information, with great beauty blogging tips, that will help them keep fit, look beautiful and stay healthy.

What do you know about beauty?

What information can you give, as a beautician?

Will it be needed?

Can it solve a problem?

If you answered “yes,” then you need a beauty blog!

Instead of depending on local clients around you, it is wiser to scale up and push your beauty business to a height, where you are free to share your skin care tips, facial treatments, etc. — at the comfort of your home.

Whether it’s about the hair, skin, eyes, nails or face: you, as a beautician (now beauty blogger), can reach a large number of individuals, who will know what you do and probably, patronize you. It’s that easy!

beauty blogging as a beauty blogger

What is beauty blogging?

You may be wondering what a beauty blog, or beauty blogging is.

Well, a beauty blog (in its simplest term) is an organized platform, where you share your tips and methods on anything related to beauty — skin health, glowing facial tips, hair treatments, body shape, manicure, pedicure, and so on.

When you blog about beauty, you are helping a lot of individuals out there, who may be having problems with one or more issues, relating to their body and health.

It is very important to start up a beauty blog, as a beautician Click To Tweet.

I have carefully detailed out every basic step you need to start up. Not only that, these steps will help you grow as a beauty blogger!

Are you ready? Do you really want to start up and boost your blog to an unbelievable height?

Whoa! That’s it! Let’s move on!

8 Best Beauty blogging niche Ideas

Beauty blogging is ideal, but before you start up, you need to take note of basic tips, which will help you stay in line.

Beauty as an industry, is broad and you may not be able to blog about everything in that field. Being closely related to the fashion industry, there are also sub-niches too and when you find one and build yourself, you will be seen as an expert.

I have listed out various niches beauty bloggers can start. It is one thing to love a particular niche, and another thing to make good use of it, know about it and how to pass vital tips to your audience.

Beauty blogging name ideas:

  1. Face treatments
  2. Hair removal
  3. Hair salon
  4. Makeup
  5. Med spa
  6. Nails
  7. Tanning
  8. Tattoo/piercing

Check out the beak-down below for clarity:

  • Face treatments

While creating a beauty blog in this niche, your attention should go to facial tips. So many persons have various facial problems and it’s your duty as a beauty blogger, to address such issues.

Face treatments comes in different areas. Some include: treatment of facial infections like eczema, acne, ringworm, pimple, zit, and a whole lot of other health challenges with the face.

Other areas may include: botox, NuFace, peels, and every other general tip associated with the face.

Beauty blogging face treament blogger

  • Hair removal

Some persons seek ways to remove all or part of their hair. It’s your job as a beauty blogger — in this niche — to give out tips that will help achieve this aim.

It could be on electrolysis, hair bleaching, laser, shaving, sugaring, threading, waxing, etc.

beauty blogging start a hair blog blogger

  • Hair salon

Unlike hair removal, you may want to help your audience to work on their hair styles. Your tips could either be for men, women, or children.

Some areas in this niche include: braids, blowout, color, haircut and extensions, highlight/lowlight, and up do.

makeup beauty blog niche idea


  • Makeup

As a beauty blogger, you can be a makeup artist. You will help your audience on anything related to cosmetics, makeup application, bridal, eyelash extensions, latisse, permanent, threading, trial, and so on.

  • Med spa

Under this niche, diverse areas may include: body contouring, chemical peel, face lift, dermabrasions, hair removal and replacement, light therapy, permanent makeup, scar removal, skin tightening, and sclerotherapy.

spa beauty blogger

  • Nails

Beauty bloggers blog about nails too! From the finger nails to the toe nails, you should be able to handle every issue that comes with it.

It could be finger or toe painting (acrylics), gel and every other solutions that deals with manicure and pedicure.

General nail tips are also needed. This could be how to protect the nails, or keep them free from germs.

  • Tanning

Some persons prefer the brown-skin look. Beauty bloggers can handle this. You can choose to give organic tips, spray, different tanning methods, uses and types of the sunless bed, and so many other factors that promote tanning.

  • Tattoo/piercing

Your beauty blog could help people who wish to have tattoos or piercings at different parts of their bodies.

This could range from body art, to areas where tattoos and piercings should be made, consultations, tattoo removal, etc.

These and so many more are categories you may wish to start, while launching your beauty blog.

You can simply choose few, which you can handle, or rather choose just one and work on it. This will make you focused and help you dominate.

Beauty blogging is fun and when you’re truly sure of your steps, you will make it Click To Tweet

Have you chosen your preferred niche?

Don’t worry if you haven’t. It may take some time to find out. Just keep being a better you.

Do you wish to know how you can start your beauty blog?

Read on!

How to start a profitable beauty blog and become a successful beauty blogger

Starting a beauty blog, may not seem as easy as it looks. There are few processes you need to follow. You need consistency too.

If you truly want to grow and become a successful beauty blogger, these steps — if followed duly — will help you achieve your desired aim.

Here are proven steps to help you start your profitable beauty blog:

  1. Launch your blogging platform
  2. Have a goal
  3. Grow your brand
  4. Create content
  5. Host webinars, interviews, etc
  6. Connect with other beauty bloggers
  7. Generate enough traffic
  8. Monetize your blog


  1. Launch your blogging platform

It is one thing to have a blog idea, and another thing to place it somewhere. As a beauty blogger, you need to have a blog. It is your first great step.

You need a space online, where you can share whatever you have, to a particular audience.

So what do you need to set up your blogging platform?

Simple! Know about hosting, choosing a domain name, themes and so on. There are various organizations (sites), that handle these technical process.


For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost


Surprisingly, I have already created a detailed post on how to set your blog. It’s easy to understand! Check it out on how to start a blog.

While setting your beauty blog, it should resonate with your goal. Know how to use attractive colors for your blog and have a catchy name. Your name should resonate with your brand message, be simple and easy to remember.

You should be familiar with words like beauty, glam, diva, sweet, gleam, blush, sparkle, elegance, glamour, charm, allure, chic, and a whole lot of attractive words, to make your blog unique.

  1. Have a goal

Would you love to just set up your blog and abandon it? I’d rather not.

After launching your platform, you have to get to work! Get your materials, organize yourself and project beauty!

Have blog goals and plans Click To Tweet.

Your beauty blog will definitely take much of your time and as such, you need to have great plans.

Your plans could be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Create content calendars, countdowns, routines and events. All of these will help you have an organized blog.

Have a collection of makeups, photos and make your blog easily accessible.

Have a log book, and take note of major events, record your failures and successes, and project a great brand.

  1. Grow your brand

As a beauty blogger, your blog is your brand Click To Tweet. If you fail to work on it, you will experience great flaws.

Your brand starts with your name (already explained in “launching your blogging platform”)

Also, you need a logo, which will be able make you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have one yet, do not worry. Just keep creating valuable content. With time, you will come up with something great.

In creating a sustainable brand, you also need to have a niche. Just like I stated in the beauty niches, you can start from any sub-niche of your choice.

Make sure you know about it and are consistent.

However, you can still love to create a brand about your beauty life: what you do to keep yourself healthy, fit and beautiful. In this, you can touch different areas, so long as your brand stays true to its message.

  1. Create content

One of the most important tool that will boost your beauty blog, is great content.

Blogging about beauty, comes with various forms of content. They could be:

  • Texts — beauty tips, face treatments, beauty hacks, wishlists, skincare routine, new in, etc.
  • Pictures — makeup collections, celeb looks, beauty haul, makeup storage, etc.
  • Videos — webinars, interviews and makeup tutorials.

These and many more, are various forms of content styles you can adopt for your beauty blog.

Creating content should be an intentional activity and EVERY content should carry a message Click To Tweet.

Don’t make it messy. Play with it, but carry your audience along. It should be something they can easily understand. Beauty blogging is fun!

  1. Host webinars, interviews, etc.

One way to make your beauty blog visible, is by taking extra steps and hosting events, webinars or interviews.

This is a way of creating awareness and exposing certain beauty tips and hacks, to your audience.

While hosting webinars, or any other event — online or offline — ensure that you’re giving out value and selling yourself in the best possible way. This will make your audience trust you more and see you as an expert in your field.

  1. Connect with other beauty influencing bloggers

Two good heads they say, are better than one.

It is very true that you cannot make it on your own, as a beauty blogger. You need to connect with various blogger around your beauty blogging community.

You will grow by learning. You don’t have all the tips and hacks. You don’t have all the knowledge on how to grow your blog.

And lastly, you’re a beginner!

Connect with those in your field and learn what’s new. Don’t be an outdated beauty blogger!

Connect with well meaning individuals today!

  1. Generate enough traffic

Your blog is never complete, without an audience Click To Tweet — it’s not meant for your family alone!

You need to constantly seek for ways to generate enough traffic to boost your blog. When you keep generating traffic to your blog, you are growing your fan base and at the same time,  making yourself known.

There are various ways to generate your blog and one of them, is through SEO.

Check out my post on SEO tips. This post and will guide you through everything you need to know about using specific keywords (now relating to your beauty blog), to optimize your content and boost traffic.

Another means, is through various social media platforms. Constantly share your posts on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

  1. Monetize your blog

One goal of every beauty blogger, is to make money while blogging. This is where monetizing your blog, comes in.

If you fail certain basic processes, your blog will experience massive decline. For you to start monetizing your beauty blog, you need to have valuable content and enough traffic.

Without these, your blog will have great flaws.

I have carefully written a detailed post on how to make money blogging. Check it out and see all the wonderful step-by-step procedures you need, to start making money.

In addition, you can create diverse beauty products, sell them and make money. You can also create tutorials, and affiliate with various organizations.

All these and more, are ways to monetize your beauty blog.

With these, I believe you are ready to start!

Blogging about beauty is fun and if you duly follow all processes, you will sure become a successful beauty blogger Click To Tweet.

It’s not that difficult as some may pose. However, it requires time and consistency. Are you up to the task? Great! Move on! You will get the rewards.

I hope you love this article.

Got any questions or contributions? Hit me up in the comments section and I will be glad to leave a sincere reply.

Don’t forget to like and share.

Cheers to success on your new beauty blog!

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