How to Start Your Religious Blog and Easily Get Traffic

How to Start Your Religious Blog and Easily Get Traffic

Why you should start your religious blog

Are you a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc., and you wish to share your knowledge with the world?

You probably have a lot of information to give out to your audience and you seek ways to do that, don’t you?

Well, do not worry. This amazing guide will show you how to start your religious blog and become known.

So many individuals seek knowledge on certain religious matters. There are so many unanswered questions in the religious world. This is why you, the religious blogger, should be able to easily share your thoughts and views to help your audience get answers to their never-ending questions.

Being a religious blogger requires expertise and great knowledge, knowingly fully well that it deals more with the spiritual world and life after.

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So, do you truly wish to help those who are lost? Well then, take this guide and start your own religious blog — on the religion of your choice.

This is great. You have the opportunity to share your ideas in the comfort of your home and reach a lot of individuals around the globe. Can you do that? Yes, you can!

One more importance of setting up your religious blog on religious matters is that you will be seen as an authority in your field. You will be known, liked, and trusted.

You also have the opportunity to make money from your religious blog! So, even while sharing your opinions, you have various monetization options. Are you still thinking?

Grab your notepad and take down these steps:

Steps to Starting Your Religious Blog 2020

Steps to Starting Your Religious Blog

  1. Find your niche
  2. Set up your blogging platform
  3. Create valuable content
  4. Generate enough traffic
  5. Make money from your blog


Easy right? Yes, with these steps, you can start your blog and make it go live, create an engaging and attractive blog to keep your readers coming back, seek ways to generate traffic and earn from your religious blog.

You just have to follow all processes duly. Don’t rush it. Of course, nothing good comes that easy. In as much as blogging is profitable, you still need to have patience and consistently give value.

If you start out with a mindset of making quick money, you will end up giving less valuable content and this will, in turn, chase your audience away.

So, let’s gradually take a look at each of these steps, shall we?


  1. Find Your Niche

This aspect of blogging cannot be overemphasized and in the religious sector, it plays a very huge role in making sure that you give out content that will help your audience and speak to their needs

For you to blog about religion, you need to have a niche. You cannot blog about everything all at once. There are so many conflicting issues around and blogging about all religions, will confuse your audience and make you a “nobody.”

If you’re a Christian blogger, talk about the love of Jesus Christ, His resurrection, Holy Spirit, God’s power, and everything about the Christian religion. The same goes for other religions — Islamic, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.

In finding your niche, here are vital factors to must consider:

  • Passion/interest/skill — if you’re not passionate about the religion you choose to blog about, you will end up frustrating yourself and chasing your audience away.

While blogging about a particular religion, you must have a burning passion or zeal to share something your audience doesn’t know. It may also be to solve a recurring problem or expose certain truths.

Your passion defines your “why” and if you eventually feel overwhelmed, your passion strengthens you.

Your interest in a particular religion will make you go in search of more knowledge, in order to give your audience top-notch content.

  • Market demand — of course, you will want to blog about what people want. You will want to know their problems and find out possible ways to solve them.

This is why you need to do market research, to know what people actually want. You will be able to know their problems too. This will help you know the kind of content you should give out.

Use various research tools to find out what they really need.

Also, you will have to know your target audience. A Muslim blogger will not have Christians as the audience because they may not understand the teachings and vice versa.

Locate your target audience and know what they want. It will give you an idea of what your content should look like. You’re creating content for them, not you.

  • Competition — you will probably want to be seen and heard. You will want to blog to get to a lot of audiences. You will want people to consume your content and use your services.

This is why you need to know about your competition. If your niche is a very popular one, you may want to find a sub-niche or, find a way to beat the competition.

There are already thousands of bloggers in your niche and as a beginner, it may not be so easy to get to the top. However, you can still do it with relentless and consistent positive efforts.

Your competition will help you find out ways to do better and dominate the market.

There are so many religious blog niches and sub-niches. You can start out with any type of religion, provided all the factors are considered.

If you wish to niche down to a particular aspect in the religion, it’s fine. Just make sure you’re consistently giving out valuable and engaging content.

  1. Set up Your Blogging Platform

For you to start and fully have control of your religious blog, you will need a platform. Your blog is your “online home,” where you share all you have on any particular topic.

In your religious blog, you have full control over everything, unlike social media platforms, where you’re limited in diverse ways.

Your blogging platform will enable connect better with your audience and gather them in one area. Yes, you can do that.

There are both free and blogging platforms. While the free platform will not require any financial investment, it is limited in so many ways. Also, you may not have full control of your content.

The paid platform, however, is the best, as it comes with diverse features to help you have amazing blogging experience. You will have to upgrade to a paid platform to enjoy these benefits.

Here are certain terms you need to know about setting your blogging platform:

  • Web hosting — you will need to upgrade your religious blog and get a hosting plan. It could be monthly, biennial, or yearly. You would love your blog to have a position, somewhere in cyberspace, wouldn’t you? Your hosting service does this. When you upgrade, you “rent” space online and your blog lives there. For most blogs, Bluehost seems to be the best hosting service. So, you might want to try it out.
For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost
  • Domain name — your audience will love to know you and your name should be the first thing that springs up in their minds. Choose a perfect domain name for your religious blog and a domain extension too. Make sure it is easy to remember. If you need help here, try to use a blog name generator. You can get a lot of domain name ideas there.
  • WordPress — WordPress covers one-third of the online world. Also, when you use Bluehost, WordPress is automatically installed for you. You will have access to thousands of themes for your religious blog. You can also check out essential plugins, to add functionality to your blog.

To get more understanding of this, check out my explicit post on how to start a blog. There you will learn everything “techy” about setting up your blogging platform.

  1. Create Explicit Content

For you to build your religious blog on a solid platform, you need to invest highly invaluable content. The religious world is filled with so many ideas and processes.

While creating your content, you should not impose your opinions on your readers. Write with an open mindset and don’t be a religious troll.

Also, state your opinions clearly and give room for suggestions. All your audience may or may not agree with you, it’s fine. Just do what you know is best. After all, it’s your blog!

You don’t necessarily need to sound too formal. You should at least, clearly state your point in a way your audience will easily understand.

Don’t rush it, take your time before clicking the “publish” button. Also, you don’t need to worry about bringing out a perfect content. You will get better with time. Just give out your best shot 🙂

  1. Generate enough traffic

It’s not just enough to launch your religious blog and create content. It will be as good as dead, of you haven’t no one read your content.

To grow your readers, you need to seek ways to generate enough traffic that will make you get seen and heard. For you to gain readers and make them stay, you will have to make your content attractive and valuable.

You have wonderful information to give out. You need to look for your audience and fees them with what you have.

Here are ways to find your audience and draw them to your blog:

  • SEO Practices — you will have to find specific keywords for your blog. Search engines will locate these keywords and make your blog visible to those who search for it. If you have the basic knowledge of best SEO practices, it will help a lot in making your blog rank high in search engines. You don’t necessarily need to be an SEO expert.
  • Social media — another way to draw your audience, is through various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Make posts and connect with your audience.

You can as well, try out other means of generating traffic, such as guest posting, email lists, hosting events, etc. Your blog needs to go LIVE!

  1. Make Money From Your Blog

It’s okay to give out what you have without expecting anything in return (maybe you do it for fun), but you can also make money even while having fun!

Yes, bloggers make money from their blogs through various means. The traffic you generate is mot just to show off. You need the audience, to make money.

Why you should start your religious blog 2020

You can make money through these means:

  • digital products
  • guest posting
  • sponsored posts
  • speaking engagements
  • coaching and consulting sessions
  • Google AdSense

There are so many other ways, not listed here. Check them out on how to make money blogging.

It true that you can monetize your blog, but that should not be your prior aim, else, you will stop halfway. Keep creating valuable content and generating enough traffic. You will enjoy the rewards.

Now you’ve gone through these wonderful tips, what are you waiting for?

Start your religious blog now! If you need any help, don’t fail to ask questions. I’m always here to give my best answer.

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