Blogging Advice for Newbie Blogger vs Making Money Blogging

Blogging Advice for Newbie Blogger vs Making Money Blogging

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From my blogging networks on Facebook groups, Quora, Reddit just to mention a few, beginner bloggers have said the same thing over and over again. I mean, if I were to get paid for every time I hear the mistakes beginner bloggers make, I would be extremely rich. Ok! not extremely rich but rich enough to buy some new blogging course and learn more about my craft “Blogging for a living”.

Join a Social Media Blogging Groups

Here’s an example. Someone talked about how he started a niche site a year now and in three months he earned $10 after writing great content. He got frustrated and now he needs motivation.

I responded by telling the person the truth. That three months to a year is not enough to grow a niche site, you need to give it like a year or 2 years. I encouraged him by telling him that he actually made money which is good and if he was able to make $10, he would be able to make up to 3000 dollars and more in the long run.

You must always remember that you have to keep creating good content for your site to grow so you can generate traffic. But if you have money to pay people to write contents for you, you should do that. But if you don’t, you’ll have to do it yourself. You have to give it all your time by writing consistently and uniquely. For some people it seems easy because they have up to $5,000 to get resources to boost their new websites.

You can’t publish like a few articles and expect money to rain down on you, you need to be consistent and also promote your blog from all angles (personally and socially). If you want to start up the site and won’t be able to write consistently, go ahead if you’ll be able to bear ordering content and formatting. But do so on a good budget that won’t break your bank.

That’s what I told him.

Consistency and Tolerance


Consistency and Tolerance are very important in blogging Click To Tweet

The only true way to make money fast is by winning a lottery or something. Some people believe that after writing like 20 articles money starts coming in by applying for Google adsense and believe one click will pay their bills. They expect it to just start growing from somewhere or from a magical place but it don’t happen like that. I used to think that too.

One time I published a couple of articles and I was waiting for millions of visitors but soon I learnt that it doesn’t happen like that.

I worked for about a year and some months using different niches then I got my first check of $257 from running a free music sharing & entertainment website but that ended quick due to copyright infringement from music record labels.

Let’s move to the good part.

Create Good Content and Promote

The articles you publish today will help you in the long run so you just have to keep publishing articles because you’ll find out that they are really doing a lot for you. So just be regular, be patient.

It’s funny how some bloggers talk to you about building wealth but they make money from doing some cheap offers. I really can’t blame them because I believe it’s their choice.

Create-Good-Content-Promote Blogging Advice for Newbie Blogger vs Making Money Blogging

Posting good content regularly is like seeking user interest. Click To Tweet

Let me explain.

If you publish about 30 articles everyday consistently for a month and promote massively, you may get little money, little traffic. There’s nothing to be proud of. If you keep going with another 30 and more, you’ll get more traffic, more money and like that your site is grown. It’s like investing a sum of money per month, if you do it for like two months you won’t get much but if you do it for a year or more, you’ll be making serious money.

For niche sites, it’s as the site gets older that you’ll really enjoy it and as it grows in search engine authority. You’ll start making money and your new articles will get a better shot at ranking so also will your old ones.

The more content you publish the higher your ranking. It’s a stressful process but in the long run you’ll enjoy it and you’ll get a lot of revenue even so much you’ll be able to hire some people to help you.

If this blogging career doesn't suit you, you could play some lottery numbers and count the stars you win. Click To Tweet

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