Overwhelmed with the Blogging Journey: Take These 9 Steps

Overwhelmed with the Blogging Journey: Take These 9 Steps

Want to build a Profitable blog but you are overwhelmed?

Blogging, just like every other businesses, comes with its “dark days,” when you feel like halting every process because of the numerous tasks set before you.

Almost every blogger face one particular illness: overwhelm. It is very rare to find an exception to this.

In course of carrying out so many activities, bloggers get overwhelmed with time and there’s a surge that mutes every productive activity.

As a blogger, it’s true and very normal to have a plethora of tasks to carry out daily, just to make sure you show up.

You must have heard a gazillion times, that you should be consistent and updated. How true is this?

Very true!

You need to be updated and consistent Click To Tweet. This is to ensure the smooth running of your blog and to stay on the radar.

However, while this may be very vital for every blogger, this is also one of the reasons why you get overwhelmed with blogging. Carrying out so many tasks at the same time for long hours, can be very overwhelming.

Is blogging overwhelm a sign of failure

Is blogging overwhelm a sign of failure?

No! It isn’t a sign of failure. It shows you’re human too and you get stressed out with time.

So many bloggers quit due to this, and that is why I have come up with these simple steps, to help you overcome blogging overwhelm.

Don’t quit yet!

Keep reading and you’ll be glad you did.

I suggest you bookmark this page NOW, so that it will be easy for you to get back to it in future. You’re truly set to create a successful online business.

Get your pen and paper, be ready to take down notes, now let’s go!

Things you should do when you feel overwhelmed

How do you recover from blogging overwhelm?

When you feel overwhelmed, it’s because you cannot take too much again. You are practically “overwhelmed.”

Your tasks seem too much and even when few persons are there to help, you still don’t feel relaxed.

Do not worry, these lovely tips will not only make you recover fully from feeling overwhelmed with blogging, it will also help you become more effective with blogging.

Like that?

Things you should do when you feel overwhelmed

  1. Take a break
  2. Go through your past achievements
  3. Make mini researches
  4. Do one thing at a time
  5. Get organized
  6. Work for progress; not perfection
  7. Avoid unnecessary competition
  8. Blogging overwhelm is temporary
  9. Seek help

Let’s go!

  1. Take a break

Sounds funny right? Oh yes, you need that break. Who says bloggers don’t go on leave? Well, I bet you, that may be just what you have been looking for.

With all the stress and hectic tasks that comes with blogging, you should at least, take a step back.

You don’t have to over work yourself because it will definitely affects your level of productivity.

You can have a day or week off the internet, take a tour, visit friends and family, travel and don’t forget to take a glass a lemonade 🙂

When you take a break, your system, which was formerly overheating, calms down and “reboots.”

This doesn’t mean you should abandon your work for pleasure; of course there’s “no food for a lazy man.” This however, i advice that you should take time to recollect and help your system function properly. After all, “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

Overwhemlmed with the Blogging Journey: Do this 9 Things

  1. Go through your past achievements

Overwhelming comes mostly when you have so much tasks at hand and may not be able to accomplish them all at the set time. This should never bother you.

While on your break, take a look at how far you’ve come. Go through your past activities and achievements Click To Tweet. This will help stir up a surge to continue with a positive mindset.

Even if you haven’t achieved anything you may count as “reasonable,” your previous posts will be something you should be proud of. Take a look at all the amazing stuffs you’ve written and how it has helped a lot of individuals.

This will not only make you smile, it will also create a strong passion to continue. This is why you should have a record book, for putting down your success stories. It helps in “dark days” like this.

  1. Make mini researches

While having your break or taking note of your successes, you can overcome blogging overwhelm by making mini researches on what lies ahead of you.

This is not adding more stress to you; it’s helping you stay in line with your industry to know what’s new. This keeps you updated, so that you can always come back stronger.

While making researches, you will come across better ways to keep your blog healthy and generate more traffic.

  1. Do one thing at a time

You may rather love to have a “part time break.” This is also possible too but your working structure may have a little shift.

Remember that you’re not staying here forever; you’re just trying to reduce your stress and recover from feeling overwhelmed with blogging. During this period, you should reduce your work load and try to do just one task at a time.

This will help you focus and keep track of your progress.

Create a to-do list, break it down and take them in bits. You don’t have to multitask yourself in this stage. While you’re still trying to keep up, also try to reduce your daily tasks. Have priorities and focus on them. Also ensure to cut down the amount of content you consume.

Take away any form of distraction until you have completed a task.

Don’t forget to rest at intervals.

  1. Get organized

Blogging can be so tasking to the point of making you leave the tap running! This is even worse when you start getting overwhelmed.

One simple trick to overcome this is by getting organized. If you haven’t made plans and schedules, what are you waiting for?

Have daily, weekly and monthly (and probably yearly too) plans for your blog. This will help keep you in track. You will note things you should and should not do.

Your blogging life should be organized. Create a content calendar, set platforms and make positive goals.

Keep track of your achievements for future purposes too.

  1. Work for progress; not perfection

One thing that makes bloggers feel so overwhelmed, is the quest to become perfect. This mindset may seem positive and right, but when it is used in place of progress, you feel so overwhelmed because in reality, there’s no perfect work.

A work can be very good and astounding, but there may still be bits of “fall shorts” in it.

This doesn’t mean we should ignore the mindset of becoming greater, it simply means that our energy should be diverted to making useful progress, instead of trying to make one post perfect.

Strive to make progress, no matter the kind of work you put out there Click To Tweet.

  1. Avoid unnecessary competition

One major challenge you are likely to face as a blogger, is the push to meet up with fellow bloggers. While this may bring few positive results, it acts as an undue pressure on you.

This pressure makes you act above your required limit. If this continues for a long period of time, you get overwhelmed because you’re practically running someone else’s race.

As a blogger, you should always learn to set personal goals Click To Tweet. You have your niche and your uniqueness. You can’t run on someone else’s lane; you will crash.

You have your speed and limits.

This however, doesn’t mean you should not look up to those higher than you. You can emulate, but don’t imitate.

Take positive steps and breed healthy competition which will only lead to productivity.

  1. Blogging overwhelm is temporary

You should always have it in mind that blogging overwhelm, won’t last forever. It is just for some time.

Your body is just trying to adapt. Don’t fret yourself over it. Have a change of mindset and think big. If all steps are taken carefully, you will come out better and stronger.

  1. Seek help

As a blogger, when you start feeling overwhelmed, you may not be  able to function as normal. You should at least, seek help from a friend or relative. Some tasks can be carried out by them, just to make you feel better with time.

You may not be able to handle everything at a time, hence, the need for assistance.

Whatever you do, ensure that you reduce your workload, just to function better. Blogging overwhelm affects productivity. I bet this post will help a great deal!

Did you take notes? Congrats!

Check out my guide on how to start a blog, make sure to have a good content strategy as you start.

You’re already on your way to better health. Don’t stop here, invite your friends too. Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section. Cheers!

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