Definitive Guide to Starting a DIY Blog (7 Best Niche Ideas)

Definitive Guide to Starting a DIY Blog (7 Best Niche Ideas)

Who are DIY Bloggers and Why they should Start a Blog

Whether you’re repairing your car, making a selfie stick, or constructing a rocking chair yourself, you’re doing it yourself.

So many hacks and tricks on how to easily perform certain tasks are exposed regularly and people can now use DIY methods, to make their lives easier.

Whoop! Who doesn’t love DIY hacks? Virtually everyone today, will love to handle a problem themselves, rather than call a specialist or spend money on some unnecessary items.

Do-it-yourself (also called DIY) projects, is helping a lot of individuals to solve vital issues, without having to hire a professional. Also, it is a great way to save money!

So, what DIY hacks do you know?

Is it valuable?

Can you share it?

Then you need a DIY blog!

Truth is, anyone can do this! You don’t need to be an expert or a guru in any field. Your vital information, which will be very useful to someone out there, is just what you need.

DIY bloggers are now making it, because they are getting their desired audience, and giving out tips and tricks on how people can solve certain issues, themselves.

Don’t just perform those tricks and show them to your friends only; make them go global and reach a wider audience, by starting your DIY blog.

Are you worried about the processes involved?

Don’t worry about that. Bloggerlifeline will guide you through everything you need to know about starting your DIY blog, creating mind-blowing content, generating traffic, and making money.

I have carefully written down the step-by-step procedures you need. Just follow keenly. Get your notepad and put down those important details!

Who are DIY Bloggers and Why they should Start a Blog

What Niche ideas Should DIY Bloggers Blog About?

It’s a bit confusing, to know what you should start blogging about because you may have a lot of ideas in your head and wish to share all at once.

This is normal for every beginner, but it is not ideal, as it brings confusion and makes you lose focus.

Being a DIY blogger comes with so many tasks and when you lose focus, you lose everything. Click To Tweet

For you to keep up with your dream, you need to locate your space.

So where’s your space?

It lies in your DIY niche!

There are so many DIY projects around, and you cannot handle all at once. You may not have detailed ideas too and this will make your blog disorganized.

Your DIY niche is your area of specialty. It’s an area, where you dominate. It is an aspect of the DIY world, where you have full knowledge and control.

It’s true that you may have information on so many areas, but if you’re seeking a profitable blog, you should have a DIY niche.

I have listed some niches already, here. Do well to go through them.

Selecting a DIY Blog Niche to Start your Projects

  1. Fashion
  2. Blogging
  3. Sewing
  4. Technical
  5. Arts and Design
  6. Food
  7. Business
  8. Others


  • Fashion

Whether you’re making dresses, face painting, or exfoliating, your DIY blog should help your audience perform simple fashion hacks. Some persons will love to do their makeups themselves; your hacks are what they need. Fashion bloggers fit best in this category.

Also, you can come up with simple dressing tweaks; using certain clothing materials to easily make a dressing pattern. So many more hacks, related to fashion, fit in this category.

  • Blogging

You can start a DIY blog yourself! Can we say that Bloggerlifeline is a DIY blog?


When you help your audience start up their blogs, without seeking assistance from, and making huge payments to professionals, you’re a DIY blogger on blogging projects!

Your audience needs tips on how to sustain their blogs without spending so much. This is where you come in. Your hacks will keep them coming.

DIY blogger on blogging projects

  • Sewing

A lot of individuals now have sewing machines and a lot of other sewing gadgets. So, what do you do as a DIY blogger in the sewing category?

Teach them how to make use of it, to mend their dresses, and produce beautiful clothing styles Click To Tweet.

You can also give out simple machine tricks, how to sew faster, insert a thread, maintain various gadgets, and a whole lot of other vital DIY tips you need to give out to your audience.

DIY sewing blogging tips

  • Technical

This one aspect covers a whole lot of other areas in the DIY blogging space. It deals mostly with techy gadgets.

You can give out hacks on how to use a smartphone, charge batteries faster, produce homemade gadgets, repair broken equipment, do simple homemade crafts, and refurbish worn out devices.

These and a whole lot more, are tips you can give out while starting in this niche.

DIY blog tech blogging tips

  • Art & Design

In art and design, there’s so much to give out. From drawing tips to painting, coloring, etc. In this niche, you could also be an art & design blogger; it’s a lot easier that way.

You can also give out tips on simple crafts, which can be done at home. They could be for kids or adults.

art & design blogger diy blogging

  • Food

You could be a food blogger, and come up with wonderful tips on how to prepare sumptuous meals.

You can also bring up kitchen hacks, how to prepare certain meals faster, easy steps to gathering your ingredients, etc.

Also, you can add other DIY hacks for storing foods, cleaning, kitchen arrangements, preparation, healthy eating, and so on.

  • Business

With certain business hacks, you help your audience make greater sales, using simple methods. It could be on sales tips, budgeting, creating business accounts, spending, saving, etc.

  • Other

DIY projects are not limited to these alone. There are so many other amazing hacks you know and can show the global audience.

They could be anything!

Yes, anything that can make life easier and stress-free (and also save money too). Just look for it, and start!

DIY projects help you stay focused and true to your message. It’s not advisable to blog about every project you come across Click To Tweet

If you’re a tech DIY blogger, for instance, it’s better you stick to it and create posts around it. This will give you a specific audience and make you known.

Are you still searching for your desired project?

Do not worry. You will get it, with time. Just look out for what you love doing best. Find out what you can do easily, and can share with the public.

That’s how you start a DIY blog.

Now, let’s get over to the real process — how to start a profitable DIY blog.

Yes! You’ve known your category, now it’s time to start!

Read on!

How to start a profitable DIY Blog

Starting a DIY blog may not be too stressful but the work increases, when you decide to make a profit from it Click To Tweet

Some DIY bloggers love to just blog for fun, without bothering about monetizing it. It’s fine if you wish to start out that way, but if you wish to make money from blogging, then you should be intentional about everything you put out there.

Also, you should note that money is not the first thing, anyway. In as much as you’re trying to monetize, it shouldn’t take you away from your ultimate goal, which is to help your audience perform simple tasks.

When you focus on making money alone, you will lose interest in providing valuable content Click To Tweet

So, are you ready to start your blog already?

Let’s get started!

Steps to creating your DIY Blog

Steps to creating your DIY Blog

  • Set up your blogging platform
  • Make researches
  • Organize your blog
  • Create attractive content
  • Be unique
  • Connect with fellow DIY bloggers
  • Generate enough traffic
  • Monetize your blog


  • Set up Your Blogging Platform

It is not just enough to have DIY hacks, piled up in your head; you need to put them somewhere. You need to share them. You need a global audience to see what you do.

So how can you achieve this?

Set up your online space!

It is much better this way because you will be able to control every activity there. Also, since you own the place, you will be seen as an authority and expert there.

Your blog is where you share your hacks and tricks. Sharing on such a platform gives room for a lot of audiences to know what you do, and follow you.

Does it seem easy? Yes, it’s as easy as you can imagine.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a web designer or perform some techy magic before coming up with your blog — after all, you’re doing it yourself 🙂

So, to set up your DIY blogging platform, you need to know about finding a hosting service, choosing a domain name, choosing themes, setting up plugins, etc.


For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost


Don’t worry, I have already explained all these terms in my post on the Ultimate guide to starting a blog.

Read it up and come back to get the full steps.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page too!

  • Make Researches

As a DIY blogger, it should be known to you that, you need constant researches. You will definitely need to wow your audience with exclusive hacks.

If your DIY blog hacks are outdated, you will be less relevant Click To Tweet

While researching, you should also try out new things. Learn to be creative and strive to always bring out the best.

DIY hacks are not as easy as some may see them, but with constant practice and careful researching, you will be seen as an expert and your audience will get the maximum benefit from you.

So, start making your researches now! Don’t be an outdated DIY blogger. Make sure your findings are correct and they work. If they don’t, you shouldn’t use them.

  • Organize Your blog

While blogging, a lot of ideas and thoughts may flow in at once. If you can’t put them together, you will surely be disorganized.

Whether you’re performing a hack, photographing, creating content, designing, replying emails and comments, customizing your blog, or doing any other activity, you need to be organized.

This will help you achieve your aim, as a blogger.

Blogging is a bit stressful and if you are not organized, you will become overwhelmed. This is why you need to set blogging goals and plans.

Have routines and plans for future activities. If you have a “hack series,” make sure they are ready and well arranged. It’s all about bringing out the best.

Get your DIY blog organized now.

  • Create Attractive Content

Your DIY blog thrives on valuable and attractive content. Miss this and watch your blog go down, like a 20-pound rock thrown from space.

What then is the right content for your blog?

It’s not something very difficult; your hacks, tricks, tips, videos, pictures, etc. are all content.

In as much as these form your content base, it shouldn’t be done in a haphazard manner. Your DIY content should be easy to understand, engaging, attractive, educative, and compelling.

When you lack valuable content, you will lose your audience to someone who does it better Click To Tweet
  • Be Unique

There are so many DIY bloggers around and if you fail to stand out, you will be lost “in the crowd,” and never seen.

Also, your competitors will gain higher ground and you will become frustrated with blogging.

One mistake most DIY bloggers make is that they tend to copy other bloggers, forget the fact that everyone has a style.

Are you starting out as a blogger?

What’s your style?

What makes you different from every other person?

You need to locate your unique selling proposition (USP), in other to stand out and create your voice.

Your audience will come to you because you are YOU.

  • Connect With Fellow DIY Bloggers

DIY hacks are so much that you can’t have access to all of them. New hacks come out regularly and new DIY bloggers appear too.

These tricks may be unknown to you and if you don’t engage in healthy connections, you will only rely on your limited knowledge.

Connection helps you to share ideas and look for better ways to perform certain tasks.

Join DIY communities around and learn from those around you. Feel free to share your thoughts too. Someone might need them.

You can also connect with top DIY bloggers in your field and learn how to easily carry out their activities. It will make your work lesser.

  • Generate Enough Traffic

Being a DIY blogger, you need an audience to see what you do; not just any audience, but a global audience.

Your audience is those who constantly follow you up, learn from you, and take up your steps.

If you lose them, you will be wasting your time as a blogger.

Unless you’re a secret DIY blogger and wish to share your works with few persons, you should invest highly in generating traffic to your blog.

One major way to organically generate traffic is through the best SEO practices. You don’t need to be an SEO expert. Basic knowledge will do.

It will help boost your blog for search engines and when your audience needs information, your blog shows up.

Due to the influx of websites and blogs, SEO practices may not work for some bloggers. This is why you can still use another alternative, which is through social media.

Sharing your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. are other ways to show people what you do, and drive them to your blog.

  • Monetize your Blog

As a DIY blogger, you can make money too, while showing off what you love doing.

You should note that money won’t be your priority. DIY blogs are fun and you should keep having fun and giving out value, even when you haven’t started making money from it.

Making money takes time, but you will surely gain the full benefits if you keep being consistent.

There are so many ways to monetize your blog. Some of them include:

  • Selling ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Creating digital and physical products
  • Coaching, consultations and paid courses

There are so many more ways to monetize your DIY blog and I already have a post on that.

Check out how to make money blogging.

So, are you ready to become that successful DIY blogger? Whoa! Great!

Follow all the steps in this guide, and you will not only become a blogger but a profound DIY blogger as you put in the needed work!

Just be consistent and keep giving value. Create valuable content, generate enough traffic, then monetize! It’s that simple.

I hope you love this. I will be waiting for your wonderful thoughts or questions on this. I won’t forget to give a quick reply.

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