How to Start a Parenting Blog (6 Best Niche topics)

How to Start a Parenting Blog (6 Best Niche topics)

Here is why You should Start Your Parenting Blog

Did your 7-year-old child pass a test? Or did your daughter just learn how to ride a bike?

What wonderful experience, story, or idea do you have as a parent? Is it valuable?

Great! You have to share it!

Why wait for more, when you can share your parenting experiences with the world and help a lot of parents out there. Yes, you can start a parenting blog!

Even if you’re a stay-at-home mom, or a part-time worker, starting a parenting blog, will help you achieve a whole lot. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert or some tech guru. It’s a lot easier than you think!

You might actually want to start a parenting blog solely for fun. Giving out your experiences, stories, and a whole lot. You don’t necessarily need a lot of audiences.

Friends and family members can be invited, or you may even choose to make it extremely private.

Starting out this way is not bad, but you will not be able to make money from your blog. So, if you wish to monetize, you can make your blog go live and start reaching out to a global audience.

Here is why You should Start Your Parenting Blog 2020

Who Can Start a Parenting Blog?

It is very wonderful to note that parents can now start something online. Just as the name implies, any parent can start a parenting blog.

This sometimes may look one-sided as it has been confined to moms. Most moms now start a mom blog and link it with parenting. This, however, doesn’t stop the fact that dads too, can start their blog!

Dad blogs are great and parenting can be included. It is a lot more perfect when both the husband and wife start-up something together.

This is why you need to find your target audience. Everyone is not a parent, and some parents may not necessarily need the tips you offer

Finding your target audience will help you take note of the information you ought to give out. Your content will determine the kind of audience that will follow you.

You may love to ask: why should I start a parenting blog?

Simple! You sure have a lot of amazing stories to share with the world. Those parenting experiences can help someone out there!

Yes! So many parents find it difficult to perform certain tasks at home and it can really be frustrating. So, do you have solutions to those problems? Awesome!

You can give out these solutions and be known as an expert in your field.

Whether you’re helping parents make home budgets, help their kids at high school, plan meals, or set priorities, you’re a parenting blogger Click To Tweet

Isn’t that great? Helping a lot of individuals from the comfort of your home is just one thing you need to start right away.

Also, blogging is fun. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to share sweet memories and events around you. It is a wonderful thing to note that you’re helping a lot of parents out there, to easily achieve certain tasks easily, which may ordinarily seem difficult.

What’s more? You have the opportunity to make money! In as much as you’re sharing your experiences and parenting tips, you still have an amazing opportunity to make money from your blog.

So why wouldn’t you start your parenting blog today?

You don’t have you stay at home all day, doing nothing. Now is the opportunity for you to make money while having fun!

Ready to start your parenting blog? Great! Read on.

This step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know before, during, and after starting your blog. Want to know?

Let’s go!

How to Start a Parenting Blog

Parenting bloggers are already making it today. You don’t have to wait anymore. This guide has specially been made for you!

It’s great to have your wonderful content on some platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest,, blogger, etc. but these platforms are rented.

You don’t have full rights over your content and if their policy changes, you may not be able to cope. So what happens then?

You lose your content, energy, time, and so on. This is pathetic!

So, what do you do?

Start your own parenting blog! This is your space online and you have the opportunity to create your own policy, post your desired content, and control every activity there.

It’s your blog, you own it.

So, are you ready to start your super-duper parenting blog that will reach millions out there?

Let’s get started!

Steps to starting your super parenting blog 2020

Steps to starting your super parenting blog

  1. Find your niche
  2. Set up your blogging platform
  3. Build your brand
  4. Create attractive content
  5. Increase your traffic
  6. Start making money!


  1. Find Your Niche

It will surprise you to know that even the parenting world is so broad that you can’t cover everything at once. There are so many topics to blog about and if you don’t find your niche, you will lose focus.

While looking for a niche, you shouldn’t narrow it down so much that you soon run out of ideas. Shoes for 7-year olds, may not be a nice niche for you because it’s very limited.

Don’t go too broad or too narrow. Niching down from to specifics by targeting long-tail keywords is preferable Click To Tweet

Before carving out a niche for your parenting blog, here are things you need to do.

  • Interest — your blog should be in line with your interest. It should be something you’re passionate about. This way, you won’t have to struggle to get ideas.
  • Market research — before carving a niche in parenting, do a little market research and see what parents are saying about it. If it’s not something that’s needed, then you shouldn’t blog about it.
  • Competition — being a parenting blogger, you will have a lot of competitors in your niche too. Starting as a beginner in a competitive niche is a bit tasking because you will have to fight your way through before you can be seen. Check out what your competitors are doing and note how to do better.

Have you taken note of these powerful factors?

Well, I also have something great for you.

Check out some parenting niche ideas

  • Child care — in this category, you’re all about caring for children right from birth to every other tip you can give out to both expectant and nursing mothers. You could even start a mini baby blog!
  • Finance — starting a parenting blog in this niche, will help you take care of certain financial issues at home. Do you have plans for spending and saving? Share them. Someone out there may be needing those tips.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth — this can go together with child care. You could start up a mini mom blog and share those wonderful experiences.
  • Crafts for kids — this could be seen as a DIY blog. You can show your audience how to make simple household crafts doe kids. This is fun!
  • Family travels — whether you’re visiting the beach, or having a picnic, or going out of town, you can share your travel stories. Starting this, you should be sure of traveling often. You could become a travel blogger!
  • Foods — what’s cooking? What’s up for dinner? Do you have wonderful cooking skills? Well, you might as well go into this area, and blog about family meals and explicit recipes.

There are so many other niches in parenting and they include:

  • Step-parenting
  • Teens and romance
  • Adult children
  • House rules
  • Single parenting
  • Shopping
  • Family health, etc.

So, what’s your desired niche? There, however, so many others, not listed here. Whatever you feel is good, start with it. Just take your time and come up with something great.

Now, it’s time to get your parenting blog started!

  1. Set up Your Blogging Platform

After getting your niche and preparing amazing ideas on how to start, you will obviously need a platform to display, won’t you?

Now, it’s time for all things “techy”!


For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost


You need a space online, to promote your work, to be viewed by a global audience.

You can’t do this on a rented platform, because you will be limited at some point.

Do you want to set up your parenting blog already?

Great! The good news is, you don’t need to hire a web designer or digital expert — you’re doing it yourself!

Isn’t that wonderful?

Setting up your own parenting blog, won’t take a whole year. It can be done within some minutes and boom! You’re there!

Are you excited already?

Let’s go!

In setting up your blog, you need to be aware of three major factors:

  • Web hosting — your blog surely, will have a house somewhere in cyberspace. Your host is where your blog lives. Find a hosting service and upgrade your blog.
For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost
  • Domain name — wouldn’t you love to spice up your blog with an eye-catching name, that can attract a lot of audience to your site? Your domain name is the name you give to your blog (e.g. com)
  • Themes — this is your blog appearance. Check out wonderful themes online and download for your parenting blog.
  • Plugins — your blog should have exciting features. Plugins make you enjoy your blogging experience. Install only those that are essential.

These are just the basic things you need while setting up your parenting blog. Don’t worry, I have already written a detailed post on every term here. Check out how to start a blog. You won’t have to worry about “all things techy”!

  1. Build Your Brand

Whoa! Your parenting blog is just one step to completion. Now you’ve set up your blog (all tech stuff is gone!) You have to start working out a brand to help you stay in line with your message.

You need a unique name for your brand. Just as stated in the domain name, get something that will be easily remembered by your audience.

Make it simple and short. Don’t give your readers the stress of always memorizing your name. You will soon be forgotten.

There are so many parenting bloggers out there. You can’t be covered in the crowd. You have to find your style and stand out in the crowd.

You have your unique qualities; use them to boost your blog and get your target audience. Don’t copy other bloggers’ style. You have your voice, project it.

You can take ideas from fellow bloggers, but you still need to use your style. Emulate, don’t imitate!

While building your brand, make deep researches on your niche and know how to always come up with something better. Your present must always be better than your past.

So, strive to always be better. It will make you stand out from the mediocre.

  1. Create Attractive Content

One major thing you need for the effective growth of your blog is great content. Without content, your blog will just be empty and useless.

You need not just content, but great content!

Your content should be,

  • Engaging
  • Attractive
  • Compelling
  • Valuable
  • Fun to read
  • Unambiguous
  • Simple

The amount of traffic that will get to your blog, will be determined by the quality of your content.

Your content can take so many forms:

  • Text — you can as well, write down your ideas on parenting and share. Great articles and notes on what you wish to give out, will help draw more readers to your blog.

It should be attractive and not boring. You don’t need to sound too formal. Play around with words and get your message passed in the easiest way.

You can learn how to write blog posts. This will help you learn the basics steps to getting great articles.

  • Pictures — pictures they say, speak a lot of words. You may not be able to write down all you have. Pictures can come in here! Get those wonderful images and share them. They should be bright and attractive.
  • Videos — videos are great! Looking for a way to share amazing moments without writing? Try videos. Capture amazing moments and share them with your audience.

These are various forms your content can take. You can use one, or mix them up and come out with something great.

You don’t need to worry about creating the perfect condition. Just try to bring out your best.

  1. Increase your traffic

For your blog to be known, liked, and trusted, it has to be seen. You wouldn’t want to hide those amazing tips you’ve got, would you? I’d rather not.

Your blog needs to get to a global audience. You need to invest highly in traffic generation. If you don’t seek ways to increase your traffic, your blog will keep lying in obscurity and will never be known.

Would you love to see all your efforts go down the drain? That’s too bad.

So, how do you generate enough traffic to your blog?

Traffic generation can come in various forms. Find suitable ones for your blog and use them to boost it. You can increase the flow of traffic to your blog through these means:

  • Joining groups — you may not be able to reach a greater audience if you stay alone. There are many groups on parenting. Look for them and become an active member. With time, you will be known for what you do. Also, look out for group rules and policies, so you don’t get chased out by violating any.
  • Guest posting — a greater way to get a wider audience is by guest posting. You can share your tips on other blogs too, get their audience, and boost your visibility.
  • SEOone way to organically boost your blog to rank high on search engines, is through best SEO practices. Learn the basic knowledge required for optimizing your blog. It makes it more visible to visitors.
  • Social media — don’t keep your blog to yourself. Take it out to the streets of social media and share it like you mean it.

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on, will help you reach a greater audience.

Funnel them to your blog and with time, you will become known.

These and many others are easy ways to generate traffic to your blog, for visibility.

Always remember that your audience is determined by the type of content you give out. Invest in high-quality content.

  1. Start Making Money!

While growing as a parenting blogger, you wouldn’t love to spend so much time and effort on your blog all in vain, would you? I doubt that.

It’s fine if you choose to blog solely for fun and ignore the monetary part, but if you’re truly intentional about your blog and wish to make money, then you should start making plans.

It doesn’t come overnight, truth be told. From setting up your blog to creating valuable content and generating enough traffic, you should have plans for monetizing your blog.

There are so many ways to make money from your parenting blog. Some include:

  • Displaying ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Creating digital products (ebooks, etc.)
  • Organizing paid seminars
  • Creating courses, webinars, etc.

Check out my post on how to make money blogging.

Note that your mode of monetizing should revolve around parenting.


You have successfully completed this guide on how to start your parenting blog. I’m sure you’re excited already!

Great! Now, it’s time to get to work.

Don’t relent. Carefully go through this guide and be sure to come back, whenever you need something.

Don’t forget to subscribe and share.

Got any questions, hit me up in the comments section. I will give you a quick response.

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See you at the top!

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