How to Start a Profitable Pet Blog (9 Niche Ideas)

How to Start a Profitable Pet Blog (9 Niche Ideas)

Why you should start pet blogging

Have you ever dreamt of sharing your pet stories with the world?

Do you wish to show a global audience what you can do with your pets?

Do you have amazing discoveries about certain pets and wish to share them with the world?

Well then, this post is exactly what you need. You don’t have to worry about telling people (by your word of mouth).

You can learn how to start your pet blog and reach thousands of individuals out there, in the comfort of your home!

Amazing right? Yes.

A pet blog is an online space for pets! Whether you love sharing stories about dogs, cats, fishes, turtles, etc., you can start up a blog and have fun.

Being a pet blogger gives you the opportunity to meet with amazing individuals all over the world, to share insightful tips about pets. So, what’s your story?

Is it insightful and valuable?

Can it help someone and inform?

Why wait then?

Start your own blog now and be able to get amazing benefits bloggers receive.

9 Pet blogging ideas to help start your pet blog 2020

What do you do as a pet blogger?

It’s a very wonderful thing to know that you have the opportunity to do a lot, while pet blogging. These are a few things you can do, as a pet blogger:

  • Educate pet parents — some persons don’t know much about pets and how they behave. They don’t know their foods, habits, and life in general. You will have to do this in your blog and educate most pet parents on how to best handle their pets.
  • Advocating for pets who have lost their voice — some pets are becoming obsolete and never heard of. Some are going extinct and out of the limelight. Puppies and kittens are probably taking over the “pet world.” It is your job as a pet blogger (for this reason), to go in search of pets which have less fame. Speak for them and make them known.
  • Sharing stories of pet parents — some pet parents have their experiences and stories to share too. Meet with them and get their stories. These stories can be shared on your blog to help other pet parents to get more informed. It will help them know how pets behave better, seeing that someone else has gone through the same issue.
  • Sharing your pet stories — you will definitely have a story to share about your pets. It’s fun taking pictures, videos, and writing about that one favorite pet that keeps you company all day. Start getting your stories ready!
  • Promoting pet business — while pet blogging, you can as well, sell pet products on your blog. They could be foods, accessories, drugs, services, etc.

Starting a pet blog is not as difficult as some persons may pose. You just have to “start” and watch your blog grow marvelously. You don’t necessarily need to be a programmer or some tech guru. Anyone can start a blog!

Are you ready to start your pet blog?

Well then, let’s go!

Steps on how to start a Pet blog and make money 2020

Steps on how to start a Pet blog

Your pet blog will project you as an authority in your niche. It will make people see you as an expert. You don’t have to worry about getting it all perfect. It takes time but it’s worth it (else there would be no blogger on earth).

Here are proven steps to help you start your pet blog:

  1. Find your pet niche
  2. Set up your blogging platform
  3. Start creating content
  4. Generating traffic
  5. Monetize your pet blog


  1. Find Your Pet Niche

You will definitely not be able to talk about all the pets in the world, in one blog. You can’t blog about all the pets you’ve come across. Becoming a successful pet blogger requires focus and expertise.

Before starting, you need to define your “why” to help you stay focused. If you don’t have a focus as a pet blogger, you will end up wasting your time and effort.

The pet world is large. There are so many topics to blog about. You will lose focus if you try to work on all of them. You have to be known for a particular blogging aspect.

Having so many niches, you will have to blog about one and be known there. If they are more than one, you will have to make sure they are related, to avoid going astray and confusing your audience.

You can’t talk about dog feed today, and talk about turtle health tomorrow, and about cats accessories . . . It will make you a “generalist” and wanderer.

While looking for a profitable niche, here are things you should look out for:

  • You should be passionate about it (blogging is a long term activity)
  • Look out for its demand in the market
  • Know your competitors

While pet blogging, you should start with a single pet and focus on it. If it’s about puppies, you don’t have to come up with birds.

9 Pet blogging ideas to help start your pet blog

  • Pet food
  • Pet clothing and accessories
  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle
  • Specific breeds
  • Allergies
  • Housing (cleaning and maintenance)
  • Pet art and photography
  • Pet toys
  • Pet care and training

These blogging ideas can be used on various pets (dogs, cats, fishes, birds, turtles, etc.)

You have to stick to one and have a message, in order to be known.

Have you gotten your pet niche already? Beautiful! Now it’s time to set up your blog!

  1. Set up Your Blogging Platform

You will definitely need an online space to share your stories. You will need a place where you can connect with a lot of individuals and reach out to a greater audience.

You can’t do this without your blog. If it hasn’t gone live, all your idea are as good as dead.

While starting your pet blog, you may want to start out on various social media or free blogging platforms. This is a great way to start, as you won’t have to bother about spending money on domain and hosting.

This, however, is not ideal if you really want to delve into real pet blogging. These platforms are not yours and as such, they are subject to change in the future.

When they change policies and standards, and you’re not able to keep up, you might as well, lose your content. Isn’t saddening?

Also, you may not be able to easily make money from your blog. Hence, you need to invest and upgrade your blogging platform. Take note of these terms:

  • Web hosting — this is your house in cyberspace. When your blog is hosted, you’re free to tweak it the way you like. You’re in control and can make policies. Upgrade to premium plan and enjoy maximum benefits.
For Hosting: I Recommend Bluehost
  • Domain name — this is your blog name (e.g. Your blog name should be around what you do and your message for pet parents. It shouldn’t be too long. This could make it difficult to spell and remember. Have various keywords and settle for the best.
  • Themes — these are wonderful layouts your blog can have. It deals with your blog appearance, color, etc. There are so many themes out there. Make your choice and choose the best (which is suitable for a pet blog).
  • Plugins — Plugins help to add functionality to your blog. With plugins, you can be able to perform numerous tasks without touching a single code!

As a pet blogger, your blog should be organized and set up to accommodate pet stories. This will make it easier for your readers to know your message and connect better with you.

Your pet blog should be attractive and valuable, not so boring to scare your audience away.

  1. Start Creating Content

Your blog is lying still if there’s nothing in it. For you to start generating traffic to your blog, your content should be able to attract and compel visitors.

The saying, “content is king,” cannot be any truer. Your content should be able to speak to your audience, solve their problems, answer their questions, and enlighten them.

If your content cannot do these, you will definitely lose all your efforts. Invest heavily in content for your blog. It will drive traffic to it, no matter how long.

While starting out, you can give a description of yourself and what you do. This will give your audience an idea of what they should expect from your pet stories.

Then, you can start giving out valuable content. Pet blogging is fun. You don’t have to be all serious. Make it fun and lively. It will make your audience blend better with you.

Your content will bring in visitors and make them loyal audiences. Connect with them and find ways to tackle their challenges.

Your pet blog content can come in various forms — text, pictures, videos, audios. It could be one or a mix of different forms.

However, it is mostly picture-based, as it will make it look more attractive. Your images should be very clear and sharp. Avoid blurry images. You can take pictures with a digital camera or a very good smartphone. Photography blogging can be added in this aspect.

Be very intentional about every post you make. Before clicking “publish,” take a look at the content and note if it’s worthy. Don’t rush it. Take your time.

A poorly crafted content can ruin your image and chase your audience away. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

  1. Generate traffic

It will be so bad to spend so much time creating amazing content for your pet blog, and having no one to read them. It will seem like a waste of time and a bit discouraging.

This is why you need to invest in traffic generation. Generating traffic to your blog will help boost your blog’s online presence and get you more audience.

When you have successfully generated enough content, you will be known, liked, and trusted.

You need to have a very firm SEO plan to help you promote your blog and grow your page views. This starts with valuable content. The amount of traffic generated is determined by the quality of your pet blog content.

After creating content, you will have to optimize it using best SEO practices or promote it through various social media platforms. You have to be very active on social media, as this will create more awareness for you.

Build your following and connect with your audience. Keep giving out the value and you will see the benefits soon.

  1. Monetize Your Pet Blog

It is very good to blog for fun and not be intentional about monetizing. But if you’re looking out for a way to make money even while you have fun, then you should seek monetization options.

Pet blogging has various monetizing options. You just have to select what works best for you.

It is one thing to note that while starting as a beginner, you may not be able to start making money immediately. It takes months (or years!). You just have to be consistent and keep giving value. Your audience will come soon.

Ways to make money from your Pet blog

  • Selling ads
  • Sponsored content
  • Services
  • Digital products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Hosting paid seminars and webinars
  • Coaching and consulting.

There are so many other ways to grow your blog, and I have carefully explained to them in my post on how to make money blogging. Check it out and view various monetization options.

Are you ready to start a pet blog?

You have successfully completed this wonderful guide on how to start your pet blog! Congrats!

If all steps are duly followed, you will become just that successful pet blogger!

Remember VALUABLE CONTENT, TRAFFIC, MONETIZE. Be consistent and keep dishing out value. Click To Tweet

Don’t waste your time, trying to come up with the perfect idea. Strive to be the best and beat your competitors. You will get better with time.

I’m sure you love this! Support this blog by liking and sharing.

Have you started your pet blog already? Great! I would love to hear your experiences and questions. I will be so glad to leave a reply.

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See you at the top.

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