How Best is SEO Defined and Why You Must Do SEO In 2020

How Best is SEO Defined and Why You Must Do SEO In 2020

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation will be your practice of getting web pages to appear from “search engines” to millions of users on the web such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It can also be referred to as a method to get “free” and “organic” traffic from search engines without spending money on ads.

Search engine optimization increases targeted visitors. Because there are more than 2 billion searches per day on Google search engine alone. Click To Tweet

As an SEO person, you ought to study the different search engine algorithms, apply best practices, and improve the ranking for a page. The efforts required to rank a webpage depends on a user query being targeted using SEO methods.

For example, if the search query for “best Golf balls“, is what you aim to target, ranking on the first page would be quite hard as it is already dominated by already established Golf sites.

On the other hand, if we target “best golf balls under $100” or “best golf balls near me“, the competition will be less.

The search engine they’ve chosen – in most cases Google – will then search its massive database. And then return the most relevant pages for that keyword.

This renders awesome opportunities for a website, business, or online store owner to get targeted free traffic from search engines with the help of the best SEO practices.

Most basic search engine marketing methods may be achieved without investing a penny using free search engine marketing tools for keyword analysis, link building, and web site optimization.

seo tips for blogging 2020

Why Do You Need SEO?

SEO definitely increases web traffic.

Now, it’s important to get the webpages that you want to rank for using the right terms within a search engine.
This will make your website appear before millions of new website visitors and customers every day.

Search engine optimization is the best strategy to grow a business/website and it’s earnings. Click To Tweet

You need to have a little SEO knowledge and skill-set, then, you can really start to notice great results for whatever blog niche you decide to focus on.

If you’re not applying some good SEO practices as part of your blogging strategy to grow your business or website… You’re missing out on a lot of people and leaving some dollars untapped every single month!

Is SEO worth it in 2020?


As long as web visitors make use of the search engines and websites need visitors… SEO is far an important practice.

Currently, SEO is becoming more and more competitive and at the same time very easy to get results if the best SEO strategy is practiced. Click To Tweet

These days, It’s quite easy to start a website and take a business or niche blog idea online. This means there are more and more people trying to target for the same keywords – so you need to up your game.

Therefore, search results become more competitive and because of this, SEO deserves 60% and Content deserves 40% from my perspective. But the thing is, A lot of website owners have a different approach towards SEO and overall website growth. Some prefer the opposite with 60% Content and 40% SEO strategies or something different entirely.

Also, there are more people using good and bad SEO practices to help online businesses get to the top page of search engines. Now, If your search engine optimization practice is good, you get ROI on whatever you did to achieve that. But if your search engine optimization strategy was bad then be ready to face the brunt of the Internet giant “Google” either from their core updates or manual action.

Search engines like Google, are constantly switching their algorithms to allow them to attain a more effective search system and to provide a better service for end-users.

There are also new categories of web searches – like voice search, web stories, discover, etc – which will change how we practice SEO. So one needs to stay updated every time. I get some of the best SEO updates from SEO gurus like Brain Dean, Neil Patel and websites like searchengineland, Ahref etc

These basic focal points currently in the search engine optimization industry is more important than ever before.

Check out the Mozlow’s hierarchy of SEO needs”.

Mozlow's hierarchy of SEO needs
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How Long Do SEO Results take effect?

You will naturally start noticing results from search engine optimazation within the first 4 weeks when you apply the safe practices of search engine optimization.

More also, you should wait to start seeing positive signals in your blog rankings and search visibility within the first few weeks.

If you don’t, then there other factors to start looking out for or something might be plain wrong with your search optimation strategy.

How Long do SEO results really show?

There are a couple of factors that tend to determine how fast you can start seeing results from search engine optimization such as-

  • The keyword you’re targeting to rank for
  • The aggressiveness of the niche in term of competition
  • The age of your site (Domain ranking)
  • What your competition is up and about
  • The search engine you’re trying to get organic visitors and rank in
  • The specific area and location you’re trying to rank

This actually interprets the level of SEO difficulty which can change and the amount of time it might take. But with some free and paid SEO tools like Ahref, Semrush, Moz, Spyfu, etc. You can look up your completion, track keywords, do proper keyword research, generate content ideas, etc.

But if your planned search engine optimization strategy is to target your website on the first page for a competitive keyword or niche, this might take a lot longer time.

However, your results can definitely vary, due to some of the factors I mentioned above.

So don’t let this information put you under pressure because once you get the SEO power up there is no going back…

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The occupation of a search engine expert will be always to increase the visibility of the web site in organic search results, which also increases visitors to the objective site.

Just by arriving for many more”targeted” key phrases in google search engine.

If you could employ SEO professionals to accomplish the task for you, this can expose your website to thousands or even thousands of new persons (or clients ) each day.

An search engine optimization expert could cost nothing less than $2000 to help you get the desired results you want from your website visibility in the different search engines.

What Now?

Firstly, You now know what search engine optimization is all about. But then since search engine optimization is a vast topic, I will create more in-depth content on different levels to this and how to achieve some basic results as you start your online business today.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments below… Subscribe and share it with friends.


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